Thursday, June 16, 2016

#TBT: Senior Year of Dances

I haven't really shared with you all a lot of my life from before the blog or even from High School, but with Caroline's graduation a few weekends ago it had me reminiscing. You have gotten to know a little about the high school me from this post and this post but I thought I would share a little more with you all. I was going through some old pictures and found some from my Senior Year specifically from all of our dances our school had; it brought back so many memories from my Senior year, which I absolutely loved!

Some of you may or may not know that I have lived in Raleigh pretty much my entire life. I went to the same school from elementary all the way to Graduation, as did my sister. There are some people that I graduated with that I was in the same class as them in kindergarten; that is how it is when you go to a private school. Although our middle/high school went through a name change and separated from the elementary school I went to, I had already moved to the other campus, so I consider it the same school.

You might think that is crazy going to the same school and having the same close knit of friends for your entire education, but it was normal to me. As the years went on we got new students and made new friends but it was rare that someone came in new their Junior or Senior year, so majority of my friends I had known for a very long time.

Which meant dances were all the more fun! I always had a boyfriend in high school so I always went to the dances with them, but a lot of my friends went with our guy friends! We always had so much fun taking pictures and getting ready! 

Homecoming [OCTOBER 2008]

Winterfest [FEBRUARY 2009]

Prom [APRIL 2009]

These dances were always some of my favorite things about high school! What were some of yours?

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