Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Stephenson Wedding {Reception Entrances}

Another Wedding Wednesday and we are just now getting into the reception part today! Awhile back I mentioned the Bridal party into the reception to  Get the Party Started by Pink and Timmy and I entered in to Crazy in Love by Beyonce. Both were such great song choices and some of my bridal party really lived up to the crazy and fun entrances!

Most of the bridal party danced in, but the pictures make it just like they are boring and did nothing but trust me they were all fun! But there were a few shots my photographer caught that are hilarious!

First, Warren, yep the one who fainted, was feeling better so I am so glad he could do his walk out! Him and Rachel walked out together and Warren acted like he was going to faint! It had the entire group of guests laughing!

And then Chelsea and Justin, wow. One word for both of them is crazy. They are the two people that do not care what anyone thinks of them, if they want to have a good time they will and they will not let any one judge them. So....that is why they did this.

The rest of the bridal party entrances the photos just make them look like they are standing there, so I won't bore you with those. But my entire bridal party had a great time walking out! 

Then Timmy and I came out to Crazy In Love by Beyonce. When I told Timmy that is what we were walking out to he just shook his head, but he said OK it is our wedding day. 

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next week: the first dance 

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