Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Stephenson Wedding {Father-Daughter Dance}

My dad and I have always had a really special relationship. He cried when he dropped me off at college, which was 10 miles from our house just in downtown Raleigh, so I knew my wedding day was going to be emotional for him.

My dad and I never really had the typical father-daughter relationship, but it was more of a friendship. We never really had many fights and we always were doing fun things together, we went to the lake a lot, the beach a lot and just was always doing something. So when it came time to pick a song for us to dance to I wasn't really sure which song to pick. Yea there were tons of good father-daughter songs to dance to but not many that I was like this is our song, except for a Grateful Dead song. I won't get into how this became our song but I remember when I was little always singing this with my dad, yea you could say he was somewhat of a dead head. So we danced to 'I Will Take You Home'

It may not have been your typical father-daughter dance, but it was perfect for us.

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next week: Grandmother/Grandson Dance

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