Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Stephenson Wedding {First Dance}

This Wedding Wednesday I will be sharing with you all why we laughed almost the entire time during our First Dance, and we totally knew we were going to from months before the wedding.
So for our first dance we had originally picked the song  Lovin' You Easy by Zac Brown Band we had just randomly one night both started singing it and we were like this is us. Months went by and every time I listened to the song I loved it even more because I knew it would be the song we would dance to at the wedding, but something was missing. It is a cute song and we both love ZBB but I also REALLY loved  Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran but that was everyones favorite song then.

I told Erin, my bridesmaid and matchmaker, my dilemma and she said I have a solution. She had just heard a Thinking Out Loud version but by Dylan Scott! She is my go to source for country songs and as soon as I heard the  Dylan Scott version, I was set. I didn't even ask Timmy because he knew how much I loved the song and it worked for him because it was a country artist. 

So we had our song, now we just needed to practice dancing. My grandfathers paralegal is a dance instructor some nights during the week and for our wedding gift she gave us a few dance lessons. She came up with a few 8 count steps that went great with our song. It took some practice but by about the 3rd or 4th lesson we were doing pretty well, we just weren't that confident. We couldn't take it serious, we laughed throughout all the lessons because we felt so uncomfortable. Can you tell we aren't dancers? 

After our last session we had about 2-3 weeks before the actual wedding, we practiced a lot. But even with the teacher gone and us alone we still laughed the entire time. I told Timmy we had to be serious and he said we will definitely be when the wedding comes...well that didn't happen.

At the beginning of the song, Timmy had to walk me in a circle to show me off to all the guests. That was one of the most awkward parts, but I did feel like a princess!

We didn't end up getting hardly any of the steps we spent so long practicing right. We both messed up when we first started dancing, we were both so nervous which led to laughs of embarrassment and like what do we do now! But we kept dancing and he spun me around a few times and at least we nailed our end kiss! 

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next week: father daughter dance

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