Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Birthday Ideas for Him

So my husbands 25th birthday is coming up on Thursday, yea he is younger than me (check out my birthday posts  here and  here). He is one of the hardest but easiest person to shop for. He doesn't tell you anything he wants but whatever you get him he loves. I have already gotten him his birthday present, I got him tickets to the Jason Aldean concert at the end of the month and of course I had to throw in some shirts and boxers, but there are always ideas running through my head of what I should get him. Like this birthday and pretty much any other gift giving holiday clothes are always on my radar, Timmy doesn't spend money on himself very often so I am usually gifting the heck out of some clothes. Here are some of the things I have gifted to Timmy in the past that he loved!

one // Fossil Watch
I gifted Timmy a watch on our wedding day and he loves it, I have him one with a leather band and he can dress it up or dress it down.

two // Sperry Topsiders
Summer, winter, fall or spring these are Timmy's go to shoes. I can never go wrong in getting him a pair or two.

three // socks
I have never met a man who loves new socks as much as Timmy does. He doesn't even let me match them after they have been washed.

four // Vineyard Vines Dress Shirt
Like I said above Timmy won't go out and buy himself a nice shirt just because, so that leaves it up to me. Which I am totally fine with because that means I can pick out shirts I like and he will wear them without complaint.

five // Costa Sunglasses
I don't think Timmy will ever purchase a different brand of sunglasses, we have been together for over 5 years and he has bought multiple pairs of Costas. I bought his last pair which has lasted him the longest.

So if you are having trouble finding a gift for the man in your life, think about one of these ideas! What is your go to gift for your husband?
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Marissa Pedersen said...

I love that watch! My husband is always talking about wanting a new watch - I should get that for his next gift.

Jamie Beckham said...

Dang where was this post in July! Shopping for the boyfriend is always so hard for me, and I never know what to get him even though we've been dating for so long.

Saving all these ideas for next birthday, or Christmas!

xx, Jamie

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

Men are the HARDEST to shop for. Socks are always a go-to for me, too. lol

Ashley Lee said...

Awesome list girl! I think my hubs would like those glasses!

Rosalyn Osorto said...

These are some lovely ideas! My boyfriend's birthday is until October but I want to start preparing early.

Rosalyn | LynSire.com

Sarah Jean @ Pretty Simple Ideas said...

My husbands birthday is in a few weeks so great tips! Going to look into the Sperry's

All The Things I Do said...

Happy 25th to him. I really like the dress shirt. I hope the concert is fun!