Wednesday, September 7, 2016

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received a product in exchange for this post. All reviews and opinions are my own.

Wedding season is busy right now for a lot of people! I have one more wedding this October and then I won't be attending one until March and I am a bridesmaid in that one, so we are in the middle of planning the bachelorette party! 

This time last year we were wrapping up my bachelorette party in Savannah, GA and what a fun time we had! My friends had the cutest party favors and all the bachelorette party decor you could think of. But one thing that is becoming all the favorite things at bachelorette parties and any type of parties are photo booths and the props that come along with it. As you already know I LOVE taking pictures; I will take a picture any time any day. I love looking back on moments and remembering all the good memories. So I know this bachelorette party will be documented a lot! So how can we not get a huge  photo booth prop!

I think this is what I am most excited for! I don't think the bride reads my blog, but if she does whoops..surprise is ruined! But what I love about this prop is that it is a generic one, so you can use it at multiple bachelorette parties! Pass it around to your friends and let them borrow it! It is something you can use over and over!

Creative Union Design also has these huge props for other events, like the actual wedding! We have a DIY photo booth at our wedding that about 2 or 3 people used but I think that if we had a big prop like this it would have gotten used a whole lot more!

Or if you want to celebrate someone's birthday!

Also, who doesn't love some games on a bachelorette party! When we were trying to figure out exactly what we wanted to do we knew games were a definite while we were out! It just makes things so much more fun! You can play a  Scavenger Hunt Game or Dare Game while out and enjoy the  What's in Your Purse game or  How Well Do You Know the Bachelorette game while at the house!

My favorite items in this shop are obviously the  Bachelorette Party items because that is my next big wedding event coming up, but there are so many different items in there! From  Baby Showers Invites to  Holiday items to  Home Decor. Creative Union Design has everything!

Girl Talk: How long have you had your etsy shop?
Creative Union Design: I opened our Etsy shop in April of 2013, right after our twin boys were born. I started working on their birth announcement and discovered there were other designers selling their designs on Etsy, so I thought I'd give it a try. I quickly became obsessed and have been working on it every day since I opened it!

Girl Talk: 
Why did you decide to open an online business?
Creative Union Design: After my boys were born, I couldn't imagine going to my 9-5 design job and putting them in day care all day. I had been freelancing since 2002, so I decided now was the time to make the jump to full-time freelance designer.

Girl Talk: 
What is your best selling item?
Creative Union Design: My best selling item is my  Social Media Photo Prop. A second would be my DIY Fan programs. 

A photo posted by Creative Union Design (@creativeuniondesign) on

Girl Talk: What is your favorite item?
Creative Union Design: My favorite item(s) are all of my DIY editable items. I love that I can help other people save a little money and make their dream weddings come to life. I know how expensive weddings can be and I strive to provide beautiful designs at a fraction of the cost of other wedding websites. We were on a tight budget for our wedding and did everything ourselves (even the bouquets and boutonnieres), so I understand the importance of being able to stretch your budget without having to compromise your dream.

Girl Talk: 
Do you sell your items anywhere else?
Creative Union Design: I have a friend who sells some of my designs in Japan:
And hopefully in the (near) future we will be selling items on our website.

Girl Talk: 
Do you have any current promotions going on?
Creative Union Design: I always have my promotion FREEGAME which is buy 2 games, get one free! And if customers are purchasing multiple items, they can always send me a message and I will give them a coupon code to save them 10%!

What is your favorite item in the shop?

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Snapped by Gracie said...

so cool and unique! Love this! Thanks for sharing!

Lindsay said...

I love learning about awesome new businesses! These pictures are so fun - the props really bring them to life.

Christine White said...

What fun products! Really great idea!

ananda said...

great props and concepts! i love the Dare Game, so fun!