Monday, October 24, 2016

{ Stephenson 2016 Fall Bucket List // State Fair }

The NC State Fair has come and gone and I only made it to the fair once this year. The NC State Fair is always something I look forward to in October, it is the real start to fall for me. But this year it was like 75 degrees when we went, so it didn't really feel like fall. 

We went on a Wednesday night, it was actually my mom's birthday and it was the perfect way to honor her. She absolutely loved the fair! My sister and my mom would go about 4-5 times per year because they loved it so much! We ate a little dinner at Cary Methodist like we always do and then ventured out into the fair world and rode maybe 1 ride, did a lot of people watching and ate some good fair food!

My favorite food to get at the fair is the fried cookie dough! That stuff is delicious! 

Timmy was on the hunt for a new food at the fair - the deep friend bbq! That does not sound appetizing to me but for someone who loves bbq I was hoping he would find it. We looked everywhere but never found it, the next day Timmy was watching the news and the newsman was trying some deep fried bbq. Let's just say Timmy was so mad! 

Usually we eat a lot more at the fair, but for some reason this year we really didn't eat that much. The fried cookie dough and the corn are always my favorite!

What is your favorite fair food?

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1 comment :

Nicole said...

Fried cookie dough sounds amazing!! I love going to the fair :) it looks like you had a great time! And I know what you mean about it not feeling like fall, we have the same issue right now in San Diego!

Thanks for sharing <3
xo Nicole