Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Stephenson Wedding {Exit}

I loved absolutely everything about our wedding day, but I will say I was most excited for our exit. We had our reception in downtown Raleigh on a Saturday night so I was a little worried at first that what I wanted to do wasn't going to work out; because if you have ever been to Fayetteville Street on a Saturday night you know it is filled with bar goers and taxis. But my wedding planner assured me if this is what I wanted she would make it happen. See and that is why Tracy is amazing!

So I sat down with Tracy months before the wedding and she asked what I wanted to do for our exit, when I told her she said OK, princess you got it.

Yup, I wanted a horse and carriage. We were just going half a mile down the road to the hotel so it was perfect! Timmy thought it would be neat and I just loved the idea of riding off with my new husband in a princess carriage.

So the next thing to figure out was what the guests were going to do. We couldn't have sparklers because it would frighten the horse and we couldn't throw confetti or anything like that unless we wanted to personally pick up every piece thrown since it was on a city sidewalk, so then I thought of ribbon wands!

Originally I had the bright idea that I could make them and save so much money. But when I had finally gathered all the items I needed in my cart realized I would be spending about $50 more than I would be if I just bought them! Plus I would have to make them, so I figured if I could buy them for cheaper and not have to use my time making them it would be so much easier. I got them from  Divinity Braid, I honestly have no idea how many I got - I think maybe 100-125 for $133.00, but I got way too many! Probably about 50 too many, right now they are just in a box along with all the other items I ordered way too many of. 

I wasn't too sure about the bells at first but I am so glad we had the bells on there because it added the sweet bell noise! I got to pick the three strand colors, so I did our wedding colors of navy, blush pink and gray. They turned out perfect and were a hit! After our exit, some of our guests told us some bar goers asked for some and people were walking up and down Fayetteville Street with them. It was so funny because when we were pulling up to the hotel, we saw people with them...that were not guests at our wedding!

Tracy had everyone form a line outside and they waited for us!

Like I said earlier, I loved everything about our wedding and it was the most perfect day of my life. This post marks the end of recapping my wedding and all the events! Come back next week for a full recap and a post with my top 10 favorite photos from our wedding!

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next week: top 10 photos

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Rebecca Hicks said...

That is such a cool idea! I love that you used the ribbons, and the pictures turned out great.

Mistle said...

I love the carriage!!! The place where I want to get married at has an option to do a carriage. I'm seriously thinking about it (for when my day comes). I love the ribbon idea as well!!!

La Belle Sirene said...

Aww that is the perfect fairytale ending! We are doing sparklers!

La Belle Sirene 

Kristen Lawler said...

What a perfect ending to the day! The ribbon wands are so cute!!

Cara (Kindly Unspoken) said...

Aw, this is just like a fairy tale! So cute!