Thursday, November 10, 2016

Bahamas | 2012

So with my cruise to the Bahamas coming up next month, I thought I would share with you all a little throwback to the last time I was in the Bahamas, back in 2012. 

This was the first trip Timmy and I had ever taken and we went with my Dad and little sister. The sole reason we went to the Bahamas was because Kenny Chesney was playing at the Atlantis, where we stayed.

When we got there, I remember we did some touring and walking around. The Atlantis was so big, we had to spend quite some time familiarizing ourselves with where we would be staying the next few days!

Kenny Chesney wasn't until the 3rd night we were there so we filled our days with overpriced cheeseburgers and drinks by the pool.

One night we went down to the marina and had dinner. It was definitely a fun place with shops, live music and tons of people!

That night I had my first run in with the casino. Let's just say I haven't really in one since...

The next day it was Kenny Chesney! We spent the morning by the pool, dodging some rain storms, and then went and got ready for the show! There were so many famous people at the show, but the one person I remember was the guy from the Allstate commercials!

After such an exciting night, we walked the marina a little after the show and actually found Kennys boat!! The guards told us to turn around and walk away. Of course that made us so excited to know we found Kennys boat!

The next day was spent packing and a little pool, then dinner to end a great past few days!

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JNoteMusic said...

I loved Atlantis. I had been there as a kid. Would be nice to revisit it and see it now that I am older. Been years. Sounds nice!

Lisa { Mom Wife Design Life Blog} said...

Looks like so much fun! I have always wanted to go!! Love looking through the photos!

Sharon said...

How fun! I love a great Caribbean vacation.