Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A 60th Wedding Anniversary

Timmy and I have been together for almost 6 years [6 year dating anniversary is this July], which to us seems like a very long time. But add 54 years to that and that is how long my grandparents have been married. This past weekend we celebrated my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary and it was a wonderful celebration of their love for each other.

My grandparents were married on November 22, 1956 and have lived a wonderful life together. They are truly a couple that I hope Timmy and I become and are when we celebrate our 60th anniversary in 2075! My grandmother loves a good party so I knew she was going to out do herself for this one! I mean how many 60th wedding anniversaries do you get! And she got a gorgeous diamond necklace!

She had the party at her house and had a caterer prepare all the food! It was the same caterer she used when she hosted Timmy and I's  engagement party and it was amazing! 

They had so many of their friends and family come I know they really felt special. 60 years is a wonderful anniversary to celebrate and a lot of couples don't make it to 60 years of marriage, but the love my grandparents have for each other shows in everything they do. 

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Candace Kage said...

How wonderful 60 years. Something we don't see that often anymore. Everything looks beautiful.

Mistle said...

60 years is awesome!! My grandparents had their 50th this year. They did a low key celebration. So glad you were able to celebrate with your grandparents! Looks like a great time!

AlexisCarolyne said...

This post and all of the pictures made me smile. I love when couples have been together for so long!

Keating Bartlett said...

This is so cute and amazing! My great grandparents were married for 64 years before my great grandfather passed away in 2010. They had seven children together and way too many grandchildren and great grandchildren for me to count haha they had the most amazing marriage of anyone I've ever known and I can only hope my husband and I can have a marriage just as amazing :)