Thursday, February 23, 2017

Golden Hill Builders {Etsy Shop}

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received a product in exchange for this post. All reviews and opinions are my own.

Pallet decor and furniture is all the rage now. You see so many different styles and designs, they are quickly becoming one of my favorite decor items!  Golden Hill Builders has some really cute and neat pallet and wood decor items!

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Coffee, coffee, coffee. I can honestly say unless I go to the gym in the morning, I need my coffee in the morning in order to be ready to speak to someone or really feel like a functioning human being. I have never really been someone who has decorated their little coffee area but since I am trying to add a little more cute decor to our house I thought it would be a perfect little spot to add a little cute decor.

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This was perfect for my little wall space right by our coffee maker, it also cleared up a little room in our cabinets! I love coffee mugs and I love displaying them in our kitchen!

Another one of my favorite pallet items was this Pallet Coffee Cup and Wine Glass Holder. Two of my favorite things; coffee in the AM and wine in the PM. I don't think there is a more perfect pallet for someone! I know there are a lot of readers that this would be perfect for!

2017 is the year we are trying to make our home more homey, so with that comes change. We updated our little coffee nook and absolutely love the new decor! The hanging coffee cups are so fun and I can show off my favorite coffee mugs, especially the Princess one my best friend got be this past Christmas!

Girl Talk: Tell us a little about the creator behind Golden Hill Builders?
Golden Hill Builders: Golden Hill Builders all started with a dad and his daughter. “Dad”, Fred Klauser, is a talented brick/stone mason. It might be surprising to hear, but such a career actually requires an artistic eye and Fred definitely has one! From time to time, such as Christmas and other seasons, we offer some unique hand painted pieces. These are painted by the true artist, himself. Fred also does most of the wood working and constructing of the actual mug racks.

The other half of the team is me (the "daughter"). My name is Melany White. I am the "voice" behind Golden Hill Builders; I manage all the online venues, such as Instagram, our Etsy shop, and our Facebook page. I do more of the finishing work on the products, the painting, and any cursive/ hand lettering designs.

Girl Talk: How long have you had your Etsy shop?
Golden Hill Builders: Golden Hill Builders first began by locally selling wooden snowmen and wood-burned, wood slice Christmas ornaments in December 2015. We soon opened our Etsy shop and made our first sale on 12/31/15. So here we are, one year later, and we've enjoyed learning new techniques along the way to expand/ improve our projects.

Girl Talk: Do you sell anywhere else?
Golden Hill Builders: Just locally, Facebook marketplace or local makers markets from time to time.

Girl Talk: What inspires you for your creations?
Golden Hill Builders: While Pinterest is often my inspiration, my kids are the motivation behind Golden Hill Builders. While I currently still work outside the home, Golden Hill Builders allows me the opportunity to focus less on working outside the home, and still generate some income. Furthermore, while I mainly create after the kids are in bed, I also enjoy working alongside my kids from time to time. Although it slows me down a bit, it's fun to see them be creative in their own way.

Girl Talk: What is your favorite item in your shop to create?
Golden Hill Builders: Custom orders! We get quite a few custom orders for our mug racks (people requesting a different font, hand lettered/ cursive, different verbiage, etc). While custom requests are often more challenging, it is rewarding to push your boundaries and even more enjoyable hearing the happy response from our customers.

Girl Talk: What seems to be your customers favorite item?
Golden Hill Builders: Our mug racks are definitely our biggest seller. In response, we have offered a variety of different options to our customers, and always welcome custom orders. Our goal is not just to make our piece a part of your home, but to put your home, your style into one of our pieces.

Girl Talk: Do you have any new items or upcoming ideas that you may feature in your shop?
Golden Hill Builders: We are working on some new sign ideas. Would you like a hint!? Think repurposed wood, barn wood, corrugated metal.

Would you have the coffee only pallet or the wine and coffee pallet???

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Unknown said...

Love those! Sad I don't have space in my kitchen for how others style them!

candy said...

Love the recycling idea with pallet. Mine would have be smaller.

britstrawbridge said...

Very cute stuff! I am an avid Etsy buyer (& seller) - will have to add this shop to my Favourites! Love the recycled wood! Thanks for sharing this shop!

Kim said...

So the combo coffee mug/wine glass rack. I have a place near my house that always has free pallets...I think the pallet projects look great; love the rustic touch.

Wife Sense said...

Cute idea. Love that this daughter works with her dad - don't hear of that much. Good for them!

Samantha said...

What a cute shop! I love these ideas!