Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wedding Wednesay {Bridesmaid Getting Ready Outfits}

You have your shoes picked out, you have the earrings you are going to wear, you have your something borrowed, something blue and something new. But, do you know what you want to wear the morning of your big day? Do you know what you want your bridesmaids to wear? 

For me this was such a hard decision.  Getting ready for us didn't mean traveling to the hair salon to get our hair and makeup done, it didn't mean anyone besides who all was at the house would even see what we were wearing, but for me it was just something I knew I always wanted. I loved looking at pictures of what the bride and bridesmaids were wearing the morning of, seeing all of their matching shirts or outfits! I knew I wanted to do something like this but had no idea what to do. While on my search I found some great ideas, I knew I wanted something they would be cool in, something that would be easy for them to take off and not mess up hair or makeup and something they could use again. Then I found these great  monogrammed tanks and just knew these would be perfect for my girls: they were my wedding colors, glittered and monogrammed!

I know a lot of girls who do the oxford shirt with the monogram. I think the look is really cute! 

I also really love the idea of all the girls wearing flannel shirts. I almost did this one because I knew a lot of the girls already had one and I was getting married in November, but opted out of it because I was worried people would be too hot.

Monogrammed  boxer or  pj pants. These are just so cute!!

One of the best parts of your wedding day is getting to spend all morning with your girls you selected to stand by your side. I know they all helped calm my nerves and helped me drink a mimosa or two!

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Leslie Soto said...

This is such a cute idea! I wish I had thought of it when I got married. We all ended up wearing whatever we had that was convenient and easy to take off without ruining our hair and make up. I love the gold glittery monograms though.

What a fun keepsake they'll always have from your wedding.

Alexandra Yargeau said...

I love the tanks you had! Those are so pretty with the gold monogram. I decided to do robes, and I know my sisters still use them!

Sarah Jean said...

In retrospect I wish we had gotten floral robes to wear the morning of for the photos but it was such a whirlwind morning I can't even remember what I ended up wearing! hah

La Belle Sirene said...

I LOVE the idea of matching outfits for getting ready, I definitely want to do floral robes or fun tank tops!

La Belle Sirene 

Mistle said...

I love those monogrammed tank tops! When I was in my friends wedding, we all had the same robe that was monogrammed. I def will be having monogrammed shirts,etc for when I get married for my bridal party.

Stephanie Bills said...

these are all super cute!! i love the monogrammed tops!

Greta Hollar said...

Love the monogrammed boxer shorts! Great bridesmaids gift.

Greta |

Befitting Style said...

Monogrammed clothing is such a great idea! I love anything with my name on it lol!