Thursday, March 23, 2017

My Side of the Garage {Etsy Shop}

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received a product in exchange for this post. All reviews and opinions are my own.

When I think of rustic decor, everything that is sold in  My Side of the Garage immediately comes to my mind. As most of you know I have some home decorating updates I want to complete by the end of the year (they are moving pretty slowly) but when thinking of my gallery wall on our outside screened in porch I found the perfect addition!

Since I am somewhat taking over my husbands little man cave/porch, I knew I couldn't dress it up with pink and cute girly gallery wall art; I had to add a little outdoorsy to it! 

You can get it stained in any color you would like to go with your home decor! The colors I picked went better with the other wall arts I have picked to go on the wall as well! I have all the items, now I just need to hang them up! Stay tuned for a post about the finished gallery wall (but I have no idea when that will be - probably December 2017 - HA!)

They also have some neat items to go around your house, where ever you have the space. I love utilizing wooden signs - just gives the house a little homier feel!

Girl Talk: Tell us a little about the creator behind My Side of the Garage.
MYOTG: First and foremost, I am a wife and mom to three of the most wonderful kids on the planet. I am seriously so blessed. I have a 13 year old son, 5 year old daughter and 4 year old son. They truly hold my heart. I am an adventurer and creator in spirit. Finding and seeking adventure is in my DNA. Creating, building, working with my hands is a place I find the most freedom. No matter how busy my shop gets, after a year and a half, I can honestly say I still love it and enjoy my time in the garage. 
In my "free" time I love playing cards and laughing with my husband. He's pretty good to me to have let my small business completely take over our household and occasionally not have a parking spot in the garage. 
My love to build really started when I was in a rough life patch. I couldn't figure out who I was and wanted to be. My son, then 12, came home from school just elated that he had built his own light box. And let me tell you, he was beaming. So proud. And it was palpable. I was so excited. And...embarrassingly...jealous. I had always wanted to learn how to build stuff. As I raved about his creation I happened to mention that I wished I had the opportunity to be in a shop class and work with my hands. Without even the slightest hesitation he turned to me and said "You're the hardest working person I know, you can do anything." And then off he went. To this day he does not know the gravity of that statement. I taught myself a trade and started a business because my kid believed in my when I couldn't believe in myself. My life is better because of that moment and I'll carry it with me forever.

Girl Talk: How long have you had your Etsy shop?
MYOTG: I opened my Etsy shop in July of 2015. Really it was on a whim - my goal for the first year was to get 10 sales. It kinda exploded in October of 2015, beyond anything I ever imagined. 

Girl Talk: Where did you come up with the name My Side of the Garage?
MYOTG: As moms we are often consumed by our kids and marriages. We lose ourselves and who we are in who our kids are and what they're becoming. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, unless it's too much and we can't find ourselves in the midst of gymnastics, baseball, crockpot dinners and sticky floors. I had lost myself. I didn't have anything that much defined me anymore. One night as I was sanding some boards in my garage I noticed that I had inadvertently created a space of my own. My side of the garage! It was literal and figurative for me - plus it's cute!

Girl Talk: What is your favorite item in your shop to make?
MYOTG: I just LOVE to create. Of the first things I ever made, like ever in my life of building, was my set of three  plank frames. They're unique and came from an idea in my head that then translated to wood. It still surprises me that people all over the country actually hang frames on their walls that were at one point, just a dream in my head.

Girl Talk: What is your most popular item in your shop?
MYOTG: I'm thinking its a three-way tie. I make  art displays for kids art or homework that hang in playrooms or kitchens, etc that are very popular. The second would be my  LOVE signs. They are a stand-alone wood sign that have been popular for weddings and galley picture walls. The third would be my  plank frames - a favorite for me and my customers.

Girl Talk: Do you have any new items that will be coming to My Side of the Garage in the future?
MYOTG: YES! Besides loving custom requests and new ideas from customers, I am constantly searching different home decor trends and figuring out how to update my shop and my items. Right now I've got a lot of rustic and outdoor wedding items coming as well as new nursery decor. I'm really excited to reveal some of that within the next month!

Girl Talk: Do you sell anywhere else, if so where?
MYOTG: I do a lot of local craft shows. They are just starting to ramp up again as people are itching to get outdoors. Minnesota is a bit on the dreary side in February and March. I also sell to realtors. They frequently gift my items to their clients.

Be sure to check out  My Side of the Garage's Etsy shop and let me know what your favorite item is! 
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Jessica J said...

I LOVE rustic decor! I have a lot of it in my home and we used a lot of it at our wedding. Love all of these signs.
xo Jessica

Audrey Louise said...

I love that her son inspired her to create! This kind of decor really is popular right now. Perfect timing!
Also, super clever about selling to realtors! That's a great market/target consumer!

Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

These are all so cute! I love rustic decor and would love to have more of it in my house!

Allison said...

How gorgeous! These would all be perfect in our little one's woodland nursery.

Chrissy said...

I really like all of these designs and I love that her son inspired her to become creative! Good luck with everything!

Onlygirl4boyz said...

I love it all! LOL Love the decor too!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I really love all this rustic decor too - as does my mom! The artwork holder is too cute. I like the item you chose as well. Thanks for the awesome interview - her son's words about her being able to do anything was adorable. :)


Anonymous said...

These are adorable. I love anything rustic!

ericaligenza said...

What a cute shop you have!!! I might need to hit you up for more decor in my home...SO stinking cute.

Coming Up Roses

Unknown said...

This is such an adorable shop! It so fits the vibe of my house! I'm definitely going to need to order some things! Good luck to you!