Thursday, April 27, 2017

Spring Target Jewelry Must Haves

I love jewelry way too much! I have so many pairs of earrings and I will be honest I don't wear half of them but I like to have them in case! My everyday jewelry usually consists of my wedding rings, my Yurman and a pair of pearl studs, but I love my fun colorful jewelry to wear on the weekends! Target has some really cute Spring jewelry that you just need to add to your jewelry box! I put together some of my favorites and I may or may not have a few on the way!

Earrings are my go to accessory, so those are always the first in my bag! What is your favorite jewelry?

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Unknown said...

these are so fun for spring! i'm loving the festival vibe some of these are giving off!

Unknown said...

Those are so much fun! Love your picks!

Belle |

Amanda Kruse said...

Heading to Target today, so I am definitely going to look at their jewelry!

Amanda ||

Samantha said...

I love Target! These are such cute picks!

Shannon said...

Great picks! I love #1 the best!

Anonymous said...

I seriously need all of these especially the bright ones for spring!

ericaligenza said...

I swear Target looks more like Baublebar every single day...and I lovelovelove it!

Coming Up Roses