Monday, April 24, 2017

Tacos & Tequila

Tacos and tequila. That says it all right? That is all you really need for a Cinco de Mayo party right? I think so, but other decorations and themed food would be a plus too! We toyed around with the idea of having a Cinco de Mayo party this year but ultimately decided we will just cook tacos with some close friends and have some margaritas on the deck; keeping it low key. But, if you are wanting to throw a Cinco de Mayo party I have you covered!

Somehow we got lucky this year and Cinco de Mayo falls on a Friday, so it is the perfect time for a party! I have come up with some pretty fun ideas for a Cindo de Mayo party and found a lot of ideas from Pinterest.

Graphic tees are all the rage and there is no shortage on taco and drinking sayings on shirts! Just get on Etsy and you will see tons!

One of my favorites and what I will probably be rocking on Cinco de Mayo is this Tacos & Tequilias shirt! I mean, how perfect is this shirt??

Like I said before, you obviously need tacos. Tacos are a necessity. Do a  taco bar and that way all the guests can put on what they want!

I also found a really fun and easy recipe for  Taco Pizza Rolls, for the people who just want to grab and go. 

One recipe I can't wait to try is the Margartia Cupcakes!! 

Margs on Margs. You can never have too many margaritas, or maybe you can. But a margarita bar is also a necessity at a Cinco de Mayo party; maybe next to the Taco Bar.

This is by far my favorite part of any party! All the fun decor!

To go with the Margarita bar you are going to have, you need to get  glasses. But I would suggest going with plastic because if you have too many margaritas you are going to have a big mess if one breaks. 

Photo booth props are always a good idea. I think I have bought photo booth props for almost every party I have had, they are just a fun way to showcase the theme!

To go along with the photo booth props, make these mini sombrero hat headbands! This is on my list to make for our dinner!!

These ideas will get you started on a great Cinco de Mayo party! I can't wait to see what y'all plan!

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Jessica J said...

Two of my favorite things! Love that tee shirt and now I really want cupcakes...
xo Jessica

Michele said...

Love these ideas! I will definitely have to try the margarita recipe for 5 de mayo coming up

Samantha said...

I love that t-shirt and those cupcakes look delicious!

Kathiey's World said...

Love the t-shirt and the cupcakes. Reading this post made me want to have a party. Thanks:-)

kassandra said...

love the tee!! + all the fun ideas ;)

Summer @ Coffee With Summer said...

Tacos & tequila - yes!! LOVE it.

Katie said...

Those cupcakes look delicious!

Unknown said...

You've officially inspired me to throw a Cinco de Mayo party! Haha!!! Andddd, I especially love the tacos and tequila tee! So cute!

- Kaitlin

Neely said...

I need that shirt in my life

SHON said...

Great post. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Seriously margaritas and tacos are two things I live for! That cupcake looks pretty tasty!

Being Leanna said...

oh man, a margarita bar AND a taco bar? Can it be Cinco de Mayo yet, this all sounds so amazing.

Patricia @ Grab a Plate said...

Great ideas! Sounds like a lot of fun can be had on Cinco de Mayo with this guide :) Thanks!

jewels said...

Yes!!! I love this idea and those cupcakes sounds delicious!!!

Meghan said...

Oh man it's tuesday and tacos and tequila are calling my name!