Wednesday, June 28, 2017

How not to be a bridezilla

Bridezillas are the worst; when we got engaged all of my friends were worried I was going to be a bridezilla, but I think I did pretty well in remaining calm. Of course I had my moments but there were very few.

As a bride there are a few tips I learned along the way that helped me not be the bridezilla I was expected to be. Being a bridezilla isn't fun for anyone, not the bride or the people that are around her. So I have put together some of my helpful hints to help avoid being the dreaded bridezilla.

Open Mind
Go into the wedding planning with an open mind. Your go to florist may not be available to do the flowers for your wedding because they are already booked. Be open to change, don't be set on one idea and never budge.

Don't be a Perfectionist
Sure, we want our wedding day to be absolutely perfect, but we have to also be mindful that things may happen on your wedding day that you can't help or predict.

Trust Your Vendors
I cannot stress this enough! The vendors are your go to for ideas and they know what will go together and can give you helpful ideas! If a vendor says I suggest not going with this color linen, listen to them! My wedding planner pretty much designed my linen color scheme for our reception and it turned out amazing!

Don't Nag Your Bridal Party
I know, this is a tough one but I promise they are going to get things done for you. They are going to get their suits and dresses when they are supposed to, just try not to nag on them. I will admit I did nag my bridal party a little, not enough for people to complain to me but I probably should have trusted them a little more. You don't want your bridal party feeling annoyed by all your instructions and not be excited to be part of your wedding.

Do you have any other tips of how to avoid becoming a bridezilla?

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1 comment :

Lisa { Mom Wife Design Life Blog} said...

This is a great post! I don't feel like I was a Bridezilla (but then again, who does?) But it's so easy to get caught up with your wedding and details!

Lisa @ Showered With Design