Monday, October 16, 2017

Another CF Hike Conquered!

I am going to be sore for awhile. This past weekend was our big Cystic Fibrosis Hike and it was the longest one yet! Depending on who's GPS you used, we hiked somewhere between 24-27 miles on Saturday and boy am I feeling it this week! This was Timmy and I's third year hiking in the Xtreme Hike for Cystic Fibrosis and once again we are feeling so accomplished for finishing the hike and raising money for CF!

 Fist off we would like to thank everyone who supported us mentally and financially in this adventure! We hiked with 20 others and were on Hiking for Wells team and as of today our team, Hiking for Wells, has raised $18,000; the entire Xtreme Hike has raised $40,000 all to go towards research to finding a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.

Going into the weekend I was nervous. I was nervous for two reasons. I was just getting off antibiotics from a nasty nasty cough and wasn't sure how that was going to go and second I had not trained very much to prepare for the 20+ miles I was going to hike. But Timmy and I drove down to Danbury, NC on Friday night, ate pasta with the 20 other hikers, enjoyed some safety talks and hit the bed early because 4:30AM on Saturday was going to be there before we knew it. 

Saturday morning came and I was ready to get going. Turns out it rained a little bit on Friday morning so the trails were slick and wet and covered with leaves, so that added a little difficulty to the already difficult trails we were going to be facing that day. 

We turned our head lamps on at 6:45AM and started out on the first trail, the trail leading up to Hanging Rock. 

When we made it up to Hanging Rock we were very disappointed, all there was to see was fog. No gorgeous sunrise just fog. It was very disappointing because we hiked uphill majority of the time to get there and were rewarded with nothing.

After Hanging Rock we hiked another 23 or so miles. I cried. Timmy and I ran out of things to talk about. He went ahead of me. I complained. I took lots of breaks, but in the end all that matters is that we finished the 25ish mile hike and raised money to go towards one day living in a world where CF stands for Cure Found. 

This hike was definitely the most challenging for me in the 3 years I have done it, I didn't train like I should, but it fails in comparison to what people living with CF have to endure every day. My cousin, Wells, is one of those people living with CF and he is the reason we hiked! I am not sure if I will hike it again, right now my blisters and soreness are telling me no way, but the blisters and soreness are just temporary. So stick around here and see if we are crazy enough to hike it again next year!

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