Thursday, November 9, 2017

Puppy Essentials

If you follow me on  instagram then you have seen our adorable new puppy we got a few weekends ago! If not, I suggest you go follow me right now and look at the cuteness overload! Timmy and I decided back in the beginning of September that we were going to get another dog, a goldendoodle. Yes, we were nervous about how much work we were going to have to put into the puppy and also we were concerned with our other dog, Bailey, and how she would react. So far we have had Opie for almost two weeks now and things seem to be going well. But like I said it has only been a couple weeks!

Getting a puppy is a lot of hard work and there are some key essential things you will need before you bring the puppy home! 




+puppy training pads

+food and water bowls

+ID tag


+puppy food



+grooming supplies

Since we knew Bailey could be a little aggressive we wanted to make sure the new puppy didn't take over her beds or her toys. So we now that we have 2 dogs, we now have double the beds (Bailey already had 3), double the toys, double the dog bowls, double the food, double everything you could think of you need for a dog. But we also have double the dog kisses and double the snuggles.

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And just in case you missed all the pictures I have posted on my social media here is another adorable photo of Opie!

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La Shell said...

Oh I remember my puppy days. The best days! (except the potty training part). Getting all of these things can run you a hefty dollar but they are very necessary. I depended on posts such as yours when I just got my pup. Very well done list.

Cindie said...

Having a puppy is like having a baby! Lots of work! But oh, the love!!!!

eva said...

I remember the puppy training and as sweet as my little Charlie was (and still is lol!) potty training was an around the clock, up every 2-3 hours ordeal. those first 5 months, I felt like we had a newborn in the house! So worth it in the end though! I don't know how I ever lived without my pup!!
x, Eva

Ashley Stephenson said...
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Unknown said...

I so remember the first day we brought home my puppy. I wish I had this blog post back then. I had to run to the store about 5 times that day to get things I never even knew I needed. You are on point with this list, that's for sure.

Thrifting diva

Marlynn | UrbanBlissLife said...

What a cute little puppy! He fits right in with the pillows!

Anonymous said...

Soooo cute. I'm thinking of getting a puppy for my Christmas for my girls. This reading was very helpful.

Breakfast at Lillys said...

I have a goldendoodle pup too and he's the best haha.

Unknown said...

Omg Opie is so cute! And I love that's so unique :) My doggie is in need of a new bed. Do you have any recommendations?

jessica said...

what a sweet little puppy, have fun!

I Am Bryant said...

It seems like everybody I know has gotten a puppy lately and it has really given me puppy fever. But they definitely take a lot more planning than a lot of people realize.

Helen said...

YOUR PUPPY IS THE CUTEST! OH MY GAHHHH. This is a great list of puppy essentials.

Sharon said...

OMG that pup is the cutest! Love all that curly fur

Unknown said...

My babies are all grown now but I do miss their puppy days! Yes, I'm glad they have outgrown the potty training but I miss their cuteness, their puppy breath and just how sweet and innocent they were!