Thursday, February 22, 2018

Amazon Finds { Farmhouse Decor }

Is anyone else as obsessed with Farmhouse decor as I am? If I could I would throw out everything I have in my house and start fresh and only decorate with a farmhouse look. Thanks Fixer Upper, thanks. 

But unfortunately, I can't throw out everything I own and start new. Well, not yet! When we eventually move (4-5 years down the road) I do plan on doing something like that and starting fresh! But until then, I will just live through online and all the beautiful store displays.

When we remodeled our kitchen, aka painted the cabinets and replaced the floor, I bought a few farmhouse decor items, but not too many, but enough to quickly become obsessed and want more! I found a lot of the items I bought on Amazon and saw they had a great selection of farmhouse decor items! Amazon seriously has everything! Before I buy anything I always check to see if Amazon has it, because shipping and amazon prime!

But if you really want to make your home feel farmhouse-ish, check out Amazon, you will find tons of wall art to keep your heart happy and tons of little knick knacks to put around your house to make your house feel cozy!

Be sure to shop the items pictured above in the links below!

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