Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Wedding Wednesday { Maid of Honor Duties }

Whether you are a bride or a maid of honor, hopefully this post will come in handy at some point during the wedding planning process. If you are the maid of honor prepare to give your life over to the bride until her wedding, do not turn your phone off and definitely don't go on any vacations until after the wedding. Just kidding, but kinda not. 

I was a very hands on bride, I am a big planner so my maid of honor had a really easy job. Basically I sent her ideas, more like I want this so do this (but in a nice way), and she did them. I really should have backed off a little at times but since we had been friends since middle school she already knew what to expect.

This wasn't Leslie's, my MOH, first time being in a wedding, so she already knew what the duties for a MOH were, but in case you are a first timer here are some things the MOH should handle. But remember not all MOH have the same capabilities and finances, so the bride and the MOH should really talk before the bride expects too much from the MOH. 

  • Help create visions for the wedding
  • Go wedding dress shopping or bridal party dress shopping
  • Assist the bride with any wedding planning they may need - this could include going to meetings with her or just letting her vent over the phone or over a glass of wine
  • Help with DIY projects
  • Keep a record of all gifts the bride was given
  • Collect all bows and ribbons and create a "bow-quet" for the rehearsal
  • Plan the best bachelorette party you possibly can
  • Be the main contact for all bridal party needs


  • Give the bride as much wine as she asks for, but water it down if she's drinking her nerves away
  • Keep the bride calm
  • Help the bride go to the bathroom in her dress
  • Hold the rings for the bride and groom
  • Be the communicator between bride and groom
  • Sign the marriage license as a witness
  • Make a toast at the reception
  • Make sure people are dancing
  • Make sure the bride is having a good time!
Leslie was truly a blessing throughout the entire wedding planning process and I couldn't have imagined having anyone else as my MOH. Someone who gets me, will put me in my place and will take my crap like no one else.

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Caits Cozy Corner said...

SPOT ON! i was just the MOH in my cousins wedding a few weeks ago and totoally agree with everything :D

Jessica J said...

It has been a while since my wedding and my MOH backed out a few months before the wedding which was very hectic. This would have been so helpful!
xo Jessica

Marette F said...

This makes me so excited for my best friend who just got engaged! I can't wait to help with bridesmaid duties!

Helen said...

This is great! There are SO many duties for the MOH. My poor poor sister, I put her through so much when I got married.

suresh lukhi said...

hey dear,
i m so happy because your post are wonderful and really useful for me,thanks dear for sharing…