Sunday, October 19, 2014

Today We Celebrate

Today would be my mom's 48th birthday. Today we celebrate and honor her life. It is a hard day for our whole family because this is her first birthday that we are celebrating without her. To this day, 6 months since my mom passed away, I still don't believe it. I still think of calling her every day, I still have things I want to tell her and I want her advice for planning my wedding.

Although there will be tears we will also have some laughs - mom was also the one who made the whole family laugh or could silence our whole family at dinner. No matter what the situation she was the one who brought us all together.

This was last year on her birthday - we celebrated in Winston Salem at Wake Forest Homecoming, her Alma Mater. We enjoyed  some good food, music and a memorable time with our family. 

This was 2012 birthday - of course rockin' the birthday hat. This picture is an ongoing joke in our family. See what happened grandma was cutting the cake and she stuck her finger in the icing (and she ALWAYS yells at us grandchildren when we do that) and she turned around and her teeth and lips were blue. We asked her if she stuck her finger in the cake and she straight up lied and said she would never do such a thing. Well evidence never lies and her teeth and lips were proof enough she had been into the cake. So my mom decided to make a joke of it and this is when the picture was taken. 

This was 2010 - I couldn't find anything from 2011 but knowing our family we went to Casa Carbone in Raleigh for dinner. This was my mom's favorite restaurant and we went there for pretty much every birthday (the picture of the icing was also taken at Casa Carbone). 

Mom, I know you are having a huge party right now full of Lilly Pulitzer and a huge cake. I love you and miss you every day but I know one day we will see each other again. 

Happy Birthday Mom!