Saturday, November 1, 2014

Ballgown, Princess, A-Line....AHHHH

So today is the day...I am going out shopping for my wedding dress! This is one of the days I have been dreaming about since I was little and knew what a wedding dress was.

Hopefully I leave with one picked out for my big day! I have spent hours looking online and through magazines at wedding dresses. I think I have the style I want but I have heard your thoughts may change after you try the dresses on. My hope for today is that I don't try too many dresses on and don't give myself too many options!

My ideas are all over the place, I don't know how I am going to choose one- But I guess I will know which one is the one when I try it on!

Today we are going to about 3 or 4 bridal stores, starting off at Lana Addison, then going to Bridal Boutique of NC, then lastly going to David's Bridal. We may make our way over to Alexia's Bridal but they are the sister boutique to Lana Addison so if I do not find anything there they will send me to Alexia's.

I am so excited for today! There will be some sad moments because this was a day my mom and I had talked about for a long time but the women that will be with me were and are both special to me and my mom. I am taking my two grandmothers, my two sisters, and my moms best friend from Florida is flying down with her daughter (who happens to be one of my sisters best friends).

The only bad thing about taking this many people is that I think everyone who is going has a different opinion of what kind of dress I should wear. I am especially interested to hear what my mom's mom has to say when I go back into fitting rooms after I show a dress..I may have my sister record some..because she is a very opinionated person. Her looks of disgust are the worst!

Now off to try on some wedding dresses! Wish me luck! Fingers crossed I find the one!


Sienna said...

so exciting! fingers corssed for you, let us know what you choose!

The Siberian American said...

That is so exciting! I hope you found the right dress for you. :)