Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bride Q & A: Taylor Rae

Hey y'all! 

I'm Taylor Rae and I blog, when I blog, over at Taylored and Turquoise. Thanks Ashley, for letting me share a little bit about planning my wedding!

My husband and I have been married just over a year.  The wedding planning process was fun but it was definitely tough too. At times I loved it and other times I just wanted to elope! In the end it all worked out and what didn't work out made for great stories later :)

When did you get married?
June 22, 2013

How did you meet your husband?
On a blind date! A mutual friend of ours thought we would be "perfect" together, but I wasn't so sure. I almost didn't show up. I'm so glad I did because we ended up staying at the restaurant until they kicked us out! It was a great first date and a year later we were engaged.

How did you choose the location for your wedding?
Neverland Farms ended up being everything we wanted!
Funny story actually, we ended up booking the venue without seeing it. Choosing the venue had to be the hardest part. I think it had a lot to do with it being the first big decision. We wanted something rustic and nothing in Atlanta was working out. My mom and sister checked out a venue one day when I had class and I told them to book it if there was any chance I would like it. By that point we were just ready to have a date. They thought it was perfect, booked it, and a few months later we saw it for the first time. They were right, Neverland Farms was just what we wanted!

Where did you find some of your decorations, do any DIY projects?
We did lots of DIY projects! My favorite project was the doors we made for the ceremony site. They provided the perfect grand entrance and now one of the doors is our headboard! My sister and mom are super creative, so we tried to make as much as we could. We made lots of little stuff like, a chalkboard program, runners for tables, a family tree, and signs. 

Did you take any dance lessons before the big day?
No, I wanted to but we just ran out of time.

What was the most stressful part of the day?
Honestly, the actual day was super stress-free. Having great vendors really helped with this. If I had to pick something stressful I guess it would be having to be the center of attention all day. I was really nervous about that, but I soon as I walked down the aisle and saw my soon to be husband all nerves vanished!

What advice do you have to give to future brides?
Breath! Not just on the wedding day, but through the whole planning process. It is so easy to get caught up in the little details that in the end don't really matter. Plan more for your marriage than you do the wedding. It's a great day, but when it's all over it's just a day! Finally, pick great vendors, they make all the difference! Don't skimp on photography it's the most important part!

You can check out more details about our wedding here.

Congrats Ashley! Good Luck with planning!


Taylor Rae, thank you so much for all the good advice! Your wedding turned out absolutely gorgeous and your mom and sister picked out the perfect venue! Next week we will be featuring Katelynn from xo, Katelynn


Katelynn Sue said...

awww what a beautiful bride!!! some great tips there as well. Just remember to breathe :)

Lindsay said...

Great tips and a beautiful wedding!! If I would have known how stress free the actual day was I probably wouldn't have been such a crazy person!

Taylor Rae said...

Thanks so much for asking me to be apart of this!!!