Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wedding Brainstorming

My head has a million ideas racing through it and I have so many ideas I want to incorporate into my wedding so I am just going to lay out some of my ideas I have for my November 2015 wedding! Get ready for a whole bunch of all over the place ideas!

Color Scheme
I always thought I would have an all pink wedding but obviously as I grow up and my personality changes so does my vision for my wedding. And plus all three of my best friends are planning on having pink weddings so I think it is best I stay as far away from any color of pink as possible, but lets be honest it will make some sort of appearance.

So I have gone back and forth between the third color...I didn't know if I wanted to bring a bright color into it or make it more subtle and I am loving the color blush so there we have it. The colors of my wedding will be Navy, Gold Glitter (OF COURSE) and Blush. I am so excited to have that part out of the way because that really sets the tone for all the decorations and every other decision in the wedding planning process.

My girls will be wearing Navy long dresses and the guys will also be in Gray - I really like this color of gray! Not too dark and not to light.

I am so indecisive on these. So when I first started writing this post I did not have the color scheme and I was just kind of all over the place. So here were/are my ideas for flowers.

Since I got engaged these were the flowers I wanted my bridesmaids to carry down the isle and this was also pre-color scheme decision. I am still obsessed with these flowers but I don't see them fitting anywhere in with my wedding colors, but I loved them so much I had to share.

These are the flowers I am really liking now that I have picked the colors navy, gold glitter and blush. I think these would add a very nice accent to the blush.

I am really loving the lantern look in the middle!

I have always been a huge fan of pearls and these table numbers are perfect and I think they would add a very nice romantic touch to the room.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Bar Menu - I know I already talked about it in another post but this menu is just too perfect - this is actually a picture from another wedding that took place at the venue I am having my reception. This is something I will definitely be doing. I will also be having those straws!

I found this perfect seating chart on Jackie's blog over at Jade & Oak and she was kind enough to tell me how she made them. I think they would be a perfect addition for my sparkle theme!

I really want to have a Photo booth but I don't think there is enough room in the venue that wouldn't take away from the guests space - but I have seen people making their own Photo Booth in the corner and I think these streamers would be great there!

Flower Girl
I hadn't given the Flower girl much thought until I saw Virginia over at Virginia Sweet share with us what her flower girls wear. I am a southern girl so monograms are a must at my wedding.

I love the simplicity of the dresses and I love the flower crowns! 


I love the glitter inside!


I love the idea and the turnout of pictures of sparklers at the exit but everyone does it - I think the idea of throwing lavender is pretty cool .


I like the idea of having a few cocktail tables or the cake table a sequin linen

PHEW, if you all are still there CONGRATS and THANK YOU for sticking with me through all of that! This whole brainstorming process was a real mess at the beginning...should have seen the draft before I really went to town and cleaned up some ideas that no longer went with my color scheme. FUTURE BRIDES: Pick the color scheme first - once you pick that everything kind of falls into place and you can see your ideas really coming into a vision. Before I had so many different ideas and now I have a set vision and I am really making that vision come true.

PLEASE send me any posts you have written/read on planning a wedding, any tips or anything else you think I may find useful. I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you :)

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BLovedBoston said...

Blush, Navy and Gold would be my color scheme if I was getting married all over again - just love it!! the gold sequined table cloths are such a great accent piece for the high boys!! We're doing that for the wedding I'm planning in July!! Love all your inspiration girl! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

Joey said...

Oh my gosh that color scheme is seriously gorgeous! I'm swooning!

Alice Kerley said...

I love the pink and gold color scheme! My bestie is engaged and I think she is going with those colors too, I'm so excited to see hers (and yours!) come together!

Xo Alice at

Lisa { Showered With Design } said...

Love the gold with the blush and navy! Would be perfection!

Linkup for Wedding Wednesday with me! xo

Emily said...

Such cute ideas and I love the glitter gold, navy with blush or baby pink! That's so original and would look great together more so than a bright pink!!

Zelle B. said...

I love blush tones! Of course that first trio of colors is my favorite! Loving all of your inspiration!
xo Southern Style

Macy said...

I LOVE so much of this!! The wooden centerpieces are so perfect.

ItsTheNewTwenty said...

I love the colors you chose and have honestly never seen this combination before! It will be beautiful!