Wednesday, March 11, 2015

DIY { Thank You Cards }

With all the Engagement parties Timothy and I have coming up, I wanted to get some really cute Thank You Cards with our new last name. So in came Pinterest and my search began and I found so many cute cards that I LOVED and thought they would be perfect to send out. Well, next comes the purchasing...$30 for 20 cards..OMG. I am having a Stock the Bar Party where 60 people are coming and then a Monograms and Mimosas Party and then a Bridal Shower. I will need probably over 150 Thank You cards and I was not looking foward to spending over $200 on these cards. So in comes my DIY brain, if you follow me on Instagram , you saw a sneak peek of my DIY project- which let me tell you I am not very crafty so I can't believe I pulled this off.

You will need:
Plain White Card Stock Paper
Decent Printer with Ink
Paper Trimmer

1. To begin, find the type of design you want to be printed on your Thank You card. I decided to make 3 different designs. I did two designs that I would just send to the people that came to my Bridal Shower and the Monograms and Mimosas Party and then I did one that would be from both Timothy and I. I found the Thank You part on Pinterest and screen shotted the Thank you part.

2. I then inserted the screen shot of the Thank You into word and found the fonts I wanted to use for the wording. On the Future Mr & Mrs Stephenson, I simply just found the fonts I wanted to use in Word and created it all on Word.

3. After you have found the font and size you want, you will need to print it at the very bottom of the page. Print a few test pages on regular paper to make sure it is the correct size and colors.

4. Then you will need to measure out the size of the Thank You Card. I got Card Stock that was the same size as a piece of paper 8.5in x 11in. I measured with a ruler the amount I wanted to cut off, it needed to fit into the 4.75in x 6.5in envelope I got. The measurements I cut out was at 1" on the left side and 7.5" on the right side and 1" from the bottom. 

 After you have cut all the side, you will have a beautiful DIY Thank You Card. I bought all my supplies at Target and spent about $26 and have already made about 30. I bought enough card stock to make 100 Thank You cards. It is very very time consuming with the paper cutter I bought because it doesn't cut very many sheets at one time, but I found it very worth taking the extra time to measure out each one than having to spend about $200.

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