Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Favorites: Spring Edition

Friday is here again. Thank goodness. I have been craving some Smithfield's BBQ and I am just counting down the minutes until I get off work and can go grab me a plate!

Favorite Post that I read

I just recently found Caitlin's blog and have fallen in love! And I loved her post on Wednesday on Trending Now: Tassels. I have just recently become obsessed with tassels and this post couldn't have been more perfect! Go check her out!

Favorite Post of mine

Of course my favorite post that I posted was when I highlighted all the details about our Stock the Bar party. I seriously can't tell y'all enough how much fun Timmy and I had! I would definitely suggest having one of these parties for either an Engagement or Housewarming party!

Favorite Blog Idea

So yesterday I posted about possibly starting a Fitness Challenge where teams compete (on a honor system) to eat healthy, exercise daily, etc. and the winning team will win a cash grand prize. If you are interested let me know!

Favorite Purchase

I purchased a banner for the Stock the Bar party on etsy and while I was scolling through the same store I found the cutest canvas with a diamond ring on it. I knew I had to have it. I am not 100% where it will go in the house, but for now it is sitting on our photo ledge in our living room.

Favorite Quotes

Favorite Pinterest Finds

Favorite Funnies

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  1. Happy Friday Darling!! I love this idea of posting all your favorites throughout the week!

  2. Love all the funny photos! The stock the bar part is a great idea too! Please come Link up with me for my first Friday Favorites Link Up

  3. lmao at the funny photos. Hope you have a good weekend!!! :)

  4. This kid that forgot to put water in his cup o noodles!!! Hahahahaha

  5. I love that monogrammed bedding--I'm trying to convince my husband that we need to re-outfit our bedroom with something like that!

  6. Love this post! Thanks for all the great suggestions! I need to get me those sandals.

  7. Some BBQ sounds so good right now haha. We're going out for dinner tonight and I may have to ask if we can get BBQ now. I love your Pinterest finds!

  8. Oh these made me smile!! Love the pinterest stuff from the week!

  9. I am loving tassels too! they are so fun. and i love those pinterest finds, especially those sandals!

  10. Happy Friday!!! Have a great weekend!! :) Enjoy your BBQ!

  11. I would be interested in hearing more about the fit challenge. Maybe a challenge is the push I need! And those sandals! That quote! Those memes!!!! Just yes!!! Have a great weekend!!!

  12. I love the pink dress! It is beautiful!

  13. Funny post, love the stock the bar idea. :)

  14. A stock the bar party is such a FANTASTIC theme!!