Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Stock the Bar Party Details

Earlier this week I shared that Timmy and I had a couples Stock the Bar Engagement Party with all of our friends! It was the most perfect night and I am so thankful for everyone who came! The reason we decided to have a Stock the Bar party was because we like to party. Haha, no that wasn't the reason but we do like to party, but we decided to have one because of where we live. We have a "bar" down by our pond and that is where we have our parties and we wanted to stock the we thought we could do an Engagement Stock the Bar party. Some people do Stock the Bar parties to stock the bar for their actual wedding...that was not the case here. We were stocking the bar for our personal use.

There was a bartender, there was a magician and there was a band. So let's take a look at the whole night!


So I got really lucky with these and didn't have to pay for anything but the postage for these! My uncle's company was able to print the invitations for me and they turned out just the way I wanted them! We went with the Jack Daniels style invites! We thought that would be a fun way to show our guests it was going to be a good time!

Along with the invitations I also sent a Drink Recipe Card I made. I found the design on etsy but didn't want to pay for them when I could make some almost exactly the same. I created the design and then printed them off on card stock paper and cut them to the size I wanted. I sent them to everyone...but let's be honest I only got like 6 of them back. But I did set them out for people to fill out at the party.


A few months back I posted a tutorial for a tissue paper garland, I had planned on using the one I made awhile back but I just loved it and didn't want it to get ruined, So I made another one for the party!

I also got some pretty cool decorations from etsy!

Instagram banner (tutorial soon)

These were the flowers we used- I loved the Spring time colors!

Instagram sign was my favorite! I made it and got the picture frames from the Dollar store! #TheChaseIsOver112115

This was the table where I had everything set out for people to sign and look at books. I had set out corks for people to sign and leave a little message for the future Mr. & Mrs. I left out madlibs for people to fill out, the drink recipe cards were on this table as well. The book on the left was a book I made for others to get to know the bridal party. Each page highlights one of the bridesmaids or groomsmen, tells a little about them, how they met me or Timmy and their favorite memory with one of us. The book on the right is a book that my best friends Paige, Rachel and Chelsea made Timmy and I when we got is basically all about us!

One of my favorite signs of the night "Time to drink Champagne and dance on the table"

The mad libs.

Market Lights. These were my absolute favorite! I love the look of market lights and I am so glad we were able to get some to set up! They just made the look come together! Here you can see the band, Big Daddy Love, playing!


Preparing food for a party is hard! Especially when you hit up Pinterest and you want to make everything you see on there!

The menu included:
Buffalo Chicken Dip Tortilla Roll Ups (recipe coming)
Fruit Kabobs (recipe coming)
Turkey and Cheese Roll Ups
Pimento Cheese and Crackers
Pigs in a Blanket
Chips and Salsa

This was only half the food, the other food was down in the fridge at the gutter.

Buffalo Chicken Dip Tortilla Roll Ups - these were my favorite!

Fruit Kabobs


For our favors I wanted to do something cheap but something everyone would enjoy. So in came Pinterest and I found a blog with cheap wedding favors! I really liked the idea of doing S'mores but while I was looking I also found these adorable watercolor tags I knew I wanted to use in some way shape or form. So I decided I would tie them around the S'mores bags!

These are the templates of the watercolor tags and I wrote each one individually.


Timmy and I showing off our "Bride to Be" and "Groom to Be" koozies

Can't go a night without an onyx pic!

My wonderful MOH

Roomies from college :) (also not sure why the light reflection ended up on my face)


This party was epic in my mind. We had a magician and a band. The magician was no freaking joke! He was absolutely amazing!

Let me just say if you live in the Raleigh area hire him for your next party! I have never seen a magician that has actually blown my mind! I was mind blown on 3 tricks he personally did to me!

Dollar Bill Trick

Timmy's best man Cody was sitting next to me and Joel asked him to give him a dollar out of his pocket. He asked me to sign the back of it with my first and middle initial and my last name. But I messed up and wrote my first name out and just did middle initial and wrote out my last name on the back of the dollar bill. First he moved the seal all the way to the other side of the dollar. It is still like that. Then he change the ensurer name to my whole name. AND my signature was still on the back of the dollar! That is crazy!

Name on Arm Trick

He told me to think of someone, could be anyone, and write their first and last name on the card he gave me. I wrote my mom's first name and her maiden name (I was trying to throw him off if maybe he had already knew her name). Then I folded the card up and he told me to put it in my left hand. He told me to grab his arm with my right hand and say her name over and over. When he did he started rubbing his forearm really hard and a L showed up and a D showed up. Next he said as soon as I touch your temple say the name in your head. And he said "Lauren Dilthey" and that was her name. OMG how insane.

Card Signature Trick

The last trick was an Engagement/Wedding trick he did with Timmy and I. He each told us to pick 2 cards and had us sign both of them. He put them randomly in the deck and did some tricks with them. After he did some tricks with the two cards he told Timmy to put his card face down in his hand and my card face up on his card and put my hand on top of the cards. He did some magic and when we opened our hands the cards were no longer two cards but one card - his signature on one and mine on the other! 

We also had a band! They were amazing! They travel around NC so if you are ever near a venue they are playing at you should definitely check them out!

This was only some of the alcohol that we got!

Timmy and I had an amazing night with our closest friends and can't thank them enough for coming out and celebrating our Engagement with us!

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