Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekend Recap - Wedding Festivities

These are the types of weekends when there really needs to be a day between Saturday and Sunday. I need a day to recover from Saturday night festivities and a day to get stuff done. But that isn't the case, so I had to get as much done yesterday as possible!

This weekend was one for the books! Starting Thursday night my weekend began and I started getting ready for our Stock the Bar Engagement Party. I took Friday off to prepare and to get some wedding planning done. Let's take a quick look at the weekend.

Thursday Night

I opted out of going to the gym and went straight home to start working on our favors for our guests for the party on Saturday. We had the party outside with fires going so I thought S'Mores would be a perfect favor to give everyone. I had to individually package each graham cracker, Hershey chocolate and took hours since I made about 70.


Timmy and I got up early and got ready to go to our Rental appointment for the wedding with Tracy, our wedding planner. Luckily I made the smart decision to make Timmy drive since it was in downtown Raleigh and I do not do parking in downtown Raleigh.

This was one of our inspiration pictures for our linens (this is at our venue).

Don't want to give away the full details of what our linens will be but let's just say there will be glitter gold linens, navy blue linens and champagne linens. I am so excited! It is amazing how after just one appointment the whole vision can really come together!

After we finished at CE Rental, we picked up my little sister from school and took her out to lunch. Timmy and I had been craving Groucho's for about a week and since we live about 25 minutes from one and we were in that area Friday we were set on going there. Groucho's is the best sandwich place I have ever been to..,my best friend Chelsea got me HOOKED. 

After we ate lunch, Timmy and I went to Sam's Club to get everything we needed for Saturday. This included beer, lots of beer, all the food we would need and flowers. We had a jammed pack cart and Timmy had so neatly put everything into the cart (whenever we go grocery shopping I just throw everything in it and he is going behind me always making it neat and arranging like foods together...). We got in line and finally got up to the cash register and I went to slide my VISA CREDIT Card and the lady tells me we don't accept that card. I am thinking in my do you not accept one of the most used credit cards? Looking at Timmy I didn't know what to do. That was the only card I had...but let me tell you---I had given her my dads Sams Club Card and I said OK..let me go call my dad and see if I can get a card from him. I call him and he said why didn't you just charge it to the Sams Club card? I said she didn't tell me I could...I am a new timer to paying at Sams. Luckily he was right by there so he pulled in we went back inside and the lady said we had to get back in line. Little did I know she didn't mean we had to unload everything out of our cart again, but we did and put it on the belt slider thing and the lady scanned my card again and everything was still in the system from the first time she rang it up. So Timmy loaded it all back in neatly (ALSO - they don't give bags!! That is crazy..I understand people buy stuff in bulk but that was a pain in my butt having to load it up and drive carefully and loading it into the house.) Dad said we were paying with Sams Club card and then he left...laughing at me. 

After Sam's there were a few last minute things we needed to get done. So Harris Teeter we went. Finally we were done shopping it was about 3pm and we were exhausted. After we unloaded all the bagless items I began cooking. I cooked for hours while Timmy and my dad got everything ready down by the pond and tarped off the yard to keep it as dry as possible for the party. We finally went to bed and slept amazing.


We woke up and the tent rental company was on their way! It was starting to rain and I was freaking out.

Of course Timmy left right when the tent people were coming to go get a haircut and to get ice. So I got stuck out in the rain with my dad moving tarps from one part of the yard to another. All while trying to cook and keep an eye on food in the oven. After the tent was finally set up the rain really started to come down. It rained until about 3pm and every hour I was on my phone looking at the radar. But it finally stopped and I was able to set up all the tables and decorations before I really had to get ready.

Here is a little preview of what the party looked like. Big post about the party coming on Wednesday!

We partied until late Saturday nigh with all of our friends and some family! It was the perfect Engagement party!


Woke up and did not want to get out of bed. But I knew the house was a mess and so was the party spot. I got up and started cleaning. I finally got to look at all the alcohol people brought to stock our bar and holy cow...Timmy and I will be set for months. I love throwing parties, I just hate having to clean up after them. Sunday was spent cleaning, doing laundry and lounging around. Finally after I did all I could I went over to my dads house to hang out with them and my grandpa from GA came for the party and he was still there. We watched all the stuff on the NCAA brackets and ate pizza and wings. Great end to a wonderful weekend!

Check back on Wednesday for a full post about all the details of the party!!

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