Thursday, April 2, 2015

April Goals

  • Pile on the miles. Log 45 miles at the gym. Since I have started the BBG workout plan, I am not doing as much Cardio as I was before, so I thought 60 miles would be a little unattainable. Check out my first week of the BBG here
  • Of those 45 miles I log in at the gym- run 15 miles of them. - I ran about 11 miles this month.
  • Be able to run 1 mile without stopping.  - I am getting there...
  • Lose 2 pounds - Well I didn't gain any weight so that is good...
  • Drink 64oz of water 3x a week.
  • Cut out all Fast Food (except allowed one time during weekend) - I am usually pretty good about not eating Fast Food, I rarely eat it except on those mornings I wake up from the night before and  I have had a few drinks but since I know I will need my bojangles one of those mornings I am going to allow myself one morning, but ONLY if I need it)
  • Make Timmy 3 new dishes - this month flew by and Timmy started a softball team, so dinner has been sort of easy but I will work on it next month

  • Continue with drinking 64oz of water 3x a week
  • Log 45 miles at the gym.
  • Run 15 miles of the 45 miles I log at the gym.
  • Lose 2 pounds
  • Get 10,000 steps 4 days a week
  • Cook 2 new dishes
  • Pick out pictures to go in Gallery Wall
  • Have a date night with Timothy at a restaurant neither of us have tried
  • Spend less money than I did in March. I have updated all my bills in and am going to work on my spending habits.
What are some of your monthly goals?

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