Friday, April 10, 2015

Liebster Award

This little space of mine has grown so much in the last few months and I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Amanda, Rowan and Taylor! I decided to take a few questions from each person and answer them all in one post! Thanks so much for the nomination!

1.) What is the inspiration you have to keep you motivated daily?
My mom. When I feel unmotivated to do something I think about how busy she was and how she still put my sister and I first before everything. I think back to what she would have said to me if I had spent the entire day just laying around.
2.) What is ONE thing you could NOT live without? phone. I know totally cliche but I really could not live without my phone...especially in those really awkward moments when you pretend to be on the phone to avoid someone. 

3.) What is your favorite food? Favorite candy?
My favorite food is hibachi food - LOVE the white sauce! And my favorite candy is 100 Grand Bars.

4.) If you won $1 million in the lottery, what would you do with it?
Love that this was a question because my best friend and I were just talking about this the other day. We were talking a lot less money about $10,000 but we said we would blow some of it and then put the rest into savings. I would probably spend about $3,000 all on Lilly Pulitzer clothes and then pay off all my student loans, my car and pay off the house Timmy and I are living in for my dad.

5.) If you had 3 wishes, what would they be?
1- My mom to be alive.
2- To have time during the day to get everything done I want to get done.
3- Meet the Backstreet Boys!

6.) What is something you do when you need to take time for yourself?
Lately, I have been going to the gym but shopping always helps too!

7.) What are you currently watching or reading?
I am not a big reader but I am currently re-watching all of Friends on Netflix!\

8.) What is it that you love the most about blogging?
I have really loved the support I have gotten from people I don't even know. I have felt the most comfortable in this little blogging world and feel like I can really be myself.

9.) What is your favorite scripture?
Revelation 21:4
"and He will wipe away every tear from their eyes; and there will no longer be any death; there will no longer be any mourning, or crying, or pain; for the old order of things have passed away."

10.) What would you do if you couldn't use the Internet or TV for a month?
I would probably be OKAY without TV but the Internet thing...I would probably loose my mind.

11.) What is one country in the world you would like to visit? Why?
I am dying to visit Italy. I am not sure why I just love the look and feel of Italy!

My Nominees

Baseball, Diamonds & Hairspray
Southern Lilly Lady

Your Questions

1. Do you prefer your hair to be short or long? Curly or straight?
2. What is the most ridiculous item you have ever bought?
3. Do you prefer sweet or salty treats?
4. What is your favorite season?
5. What is your favorite sport to play and what is your favorite sport to watch?
6. Do you have any daily jewels you wear everyday? If so, what are they?
7. Do you prefer to call or text someone? Or nowadays...Snapchat them?
8. Why did you start blogging?
9. What is the longest car ride you have ever been on?
10. Who is your favorite singer or band?
11. Tell us your favorite blog post you have written.

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Jasmine said...

Hydrating with Peptides Serum!!!

Thank you for nominating me. I have been nominated and I think I'll do a combination of questions lol

I have always wanted to visit italy as well. But Greece is my top 1.

Amanda said...

Awesome! Nice to get to know you! I love your set of questions! I have always wanted to go to Italy as well! It seems so romantic and beautiful and full of life and love! I want to wounder around the streets and check out all the sculptures and art! Your Mother sounds like a lovely woman I am sure she is proud of you! Have a good weekend and congrat's!

Bethany Magnie said...

Friends on Netflix is SUCH a blessing. I know that sounds silly but after I had my daughter I think I watched five seasons consecutively! Congratulations on your Liebster award!

Sara S said...

LOVE that Friends is on Netflix! I'd definitely pay off our debt too if we got lucky enough to have $1 million dollars! Happy Friday!

Megan Payne said...

I would totes love to meet the BSB too and Italy is awesome! But the smaller cities are what make italy so great, sure the more known ones like naples and rome are great, but there are better options that are lesser known. I'm also rewatching all of friends on netflix, LOVE IT

HeyCharlie said...

Thank you so much for nominating me! Xx

BLovedBoston said...

We are almost done with all the seasons of friends and not quite sure what we will do after LOL! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

Holly Housewife said...

Yayyyy these awards are so fun!! We are soul sisters, everything you said yes yes yes me too! Heheheh
Is the contest open to canada.
Have a lovely weekend girly!

Alanna {Alanna and Company} said...


Maureen said...

I totally want to meet the Backstreet Boys to!!! I had such a crush on Brian when I was younger. Congrats on your award!

Lindsey (Lindsey and Co) said...

Congrats! It would be hard to live without my phone, it is a must for those awkward moments like you said :)

Lisa D said...

I love reading Liebster Award posts! It's such a fun way to get to know the person behind the blog. What a fun giveaway too! I could totally use some of that dark circle under eyes serum.

Sandra Litcher said...

I watch a lot of one hour shows on Netflix, but when I only have a little time or know I can't pay my full attention to a new show, Friends has been my go to! Love that show! Love reading these and learning a little more about everyone!

princessmousey said...

I love that you want to meet the Backstreet Boys! Too Cute!

Nadine Lynn said...

I love reading these posts because you get to learn such fun things! I would love to go to Italy one day! I wonder if I can talk my husband in rewatching friends with me? He didn't really watch it the first time around.

What a fun giveaway! I have the worst dark circles under my eyes and am willing to try anything! Have a great weekend!

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

Laughing at meet the backstreet boys!

Ashley said...

Thank you for the nomination! I LOVE watching Friends reruns!

Chelsea Hetzel said...

Really sorry to hear about your mom! I love your answers. My mom is my biggest inspiration too. I also love the Backstreet Boys and I'm watching Friends on netflix!!!! lol. So funny. :) Anyways, I love your blog so much!! :) So glad you are sponsoring me :)

Ashley S said...

I love liebster awards! I'm so happy you got one! I would buy the stretch mark cream. I love that you are doing a giveaway!

Mae @ Endlessly Ever After said...

Italy is totally where I wish I could visit! I have no reason other, except the same as you, it seems like such a cool atmosphere.

Shelbi Gustafson said...

Thanks for the nomination! So sweet of yoh