Thursday, April 9, 2015

DIY { Instagram Photo Banner }

This was one of the decorations I made for our Stock the Bar Engagement party and I got so many compliments on it!

You will need...
Small clothes pins
Photo Paper

1. Pick out the photos you would like to put on your banner. On my banner I have 12 pictures.

2. Save them on your computer. 

3. Open up on your web browser.

4. Click "Edit" and open up the first picture you would like to work with.

5. Edit the photo the way you would like - sharpen, color, rotate, etc. (PS going through this tutorial with you with a picture from the first few months into mine and T's relationship #throwback)

6. Click on the Square icon below the butterfly icon. Then click "Polaroid Frame"

(This is what you will get)

7. You can change the look of the Polaroid frame, the color of the picture and the background color. Below is my finished document in PicMonkey - I edited the color from the above picture by changing the effect shade.

9. Next save your photo onto your computer. 

10. Next, is the printing. Since on PicMonkey the Polaroid Frame is at an angle I decided to print them on Word. I changed the height and width to the size I wanted. I had to do a few test prints to get them the exact size I wanted.

11. Once your picture is in Word. Click on the "Picture Tools" tab at top.

12. On the far left is where you can enter in the Height and Width.
Height = 5.05"
Width = 4.32"

(Should look about like that on computer screen)

13. Repeat Steps 1-12 until all pictures have been made.

14. Put the Photo paper in printer and print.

15. Once all photos have been printed it is time to cut them. Cut along Polaroid boarder not square boarder outside of Polaroid boarder.

16. Once all are cut hang on string with small clothes pin and enjoy!

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