Saturday, April 4, 2015


So one of my favorite bloggers Helene over at Helene in Between started doing a Seven Days Healthy series and I absolutely love it. The idea is to get healthier by adding one healthy habit to your routine every seven days. I think adding a healthy habit every seven days is a great way to get healthier because there have been countless times when I have told myself I am going to go on a walk everyday, I am going to do ab exercises everyday or I am going to drink x amount of water everyday and I maybe do them all for like 2 days then start dwindling off and end up doing none of them. So I am going to join Helene and hold myself accountable by checking in with yall and letting you know how each week went and what my goal for the next week will be! I started yesterday so my 7 days will run from Friday-Thursday and will update my progress every Saturday or Sunday. 

My goal this week: Drink 64oz of water every day. Ever since I got my FitBit I have been doing pretty well on my water intake. I usually drink about 64oz 3 days a week, but these next 7 days I am going to challenge myself to drink 64oz everyday!

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