Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekend Recap: Easter 2015

It is always hard to go back to work after a long weekend full of family gatherings. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! Now let's get to this recap, lots and lots of things packed into one weekend!


Friday was Good Friday, but I still had to work but at least I got off somewhat early! Friday night we celebrated my very best friend, Brittany's, birthday. Her actual birthday isn't until tomorrow but we wanted to get all of our closest friends together and celebrate with her. We started off going to dinner and having a few drinks. We went to one of my favorite places to eat, Cleveland Draft House. Oh and I got to check off one thing off my Spring Bucket List - go out to dinner and eat outside! It was the perfect night to enjoy dinner outside.

After dinner, we went back to my house to continue the party and have some cocktails at The Gutter. We had thought about going downtown but by the time anyone looked at the clock it was already 12am and it would have been pointless to get a cab and go downtown. We were all having such a fun time, listening to music, riding the paddle boat and playing corn hole.


Saturday morning came really early and I did not want to get up, but I knew I had a butt load of things I needed to get done. Timmy woke up and he made me a egg sandwich and then I hit the gym. I needed a good workout to sweat out the alcohol from the night before. I actually ran a mile for the first time without stopping! I know it may not seem like a huge goal but it is for me and especially hungover! After the gym I did a little retail therapy- got some cute sandals at Target - 20% off! Then hit up Ulta for some much needed beauty products. After all my running around I came home and relaxed until it was time to chase Bailey. Someone (cough Timmy) left a gate open down in our backyard and while Bailey was enjoying the nice weather she decided to go for a run. I had the doors open to our patio from our living room so I saw her chase a bird and then I saw her go behind the shed and I could see the sun on the ground and usually you can't because the gate is so tall, but I thought to myself that door looks open...well indeed it was and there she went. After about 10 minutes of looking for her I got a call from a neighbor and thankfully she was there and they had caught her. Then when I gave her a stern talking to I relaxed again until it was time to start dinner. I made Timmy a new dish - Alfredo Lasagna (recipe to come)- it was pretty good. We decided to have a date night at home with a new recipe and some Netflix. Perfect Saturday night.


Sunday was busy busy. We had plans with each family. My dad and sister, then Timmy's family and then my mom's side of the family. First we got up and got ready for Church. We went to my Dad's house and had pancakes and bacon before going to church. We tried out a new Church because the one Timmy and I typically go to is in downtown and we weren't going to have enough time to leave Church and then go to his Aunt's house in Clayton. So we tried out a church by my dad and I's houses - it was a nice Church, but since I have been going to the same Church since I was born it is a little hard for me to like another Church.

And of course the Easter Bunny had to make a visit.

After Church we went to Timmy's aunts house with all of his family. The food of course was delicious and the two little ones had an Easter Egg hunt and found all 59 eggs!

After we stuffed ourselves at his aunt's house we went back home changed and relaxed for about an hour before we had to get ready for my family's Easter dinner. We ate again and had some laughs and Caroline got back from New York and DC and told us all about her trips!

Easter was full of eating so today I am staying healthy eating lots of fruit and drinking lots of water!

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