Saturday, May 16, 2015

Downtown Raleigh Bar Crawl

You guys I am so excited. Today is the day I have been looking forward to all we are day drinkin! Awhile back my best friend Britt and I decided we wanted to do a bar crawl in downtown Raleigh and try out some bars. Well this idea has come into reality and we are going on the bar crawl today! I spent some time coming up with the best route because some bars opened at 3pm, some at 4pm and some at 5pm. We are starting with lunch at the first bar then hitting the route! 
There are about 12 bars on the route I made, if we make it to all of them that will be a true successful bar crawl!

Brewmasters Bar & Grill 
(never been here)
This is where we will begin our journey and eat some food before we get to drinkin'. Well, we will probably eat and drink at the same time.

Berkeley Cafe 
(never been here)

The Oxford 
(been here a few times)

The Big Easy
 (been many many many times - one of my favorite bars when it isn't crowded)

The Hive/Busy Bee Cafe
(been here once)

London Bridge Pub
(never been here)

Landmark Tavern
(never been here)

(been here once)

Raleigh Times Bar
(been here many times - love the atmosphere but they don't have draft beer like Budlight, Ultra, etc)

(never been here)

(never been here)

Slim's Downtown
(been here once)

And there we have it! That right there should be a fun day! Check back in on Monday for my weekend recap to see what bars we made it to!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday!!

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