Friday, May 15, 2015

May Stitch Fix: Fix #7

My seventh Stitch Fix arrived yesterday!

For the people who don't know what Stitch Fix is, let me tell you about this awesome company! Basically Stitch Fix delivers clothes right to your front door. When you sign up (use this link) you will be prompted to fill out a styling profile and picking a delivery date (you can choose how often you want your fix to come). The styling profile will include filling out your sizes, how you like your clothes to fit, and what type of outfits you like. The picture below is one of my style profiles they asked me to rate with love it, like it, don't really like it, hate it.

You then pay a $20 styling fee, which will be applied as a credit on the clothes that you do decide to keep from your shipment. Stitch Fix will send you 5 items per shipment, it will be clothing or accessories (you can specify which you would like to have, and which items you would not like to receive). Once you receive your shipment you can try on all the items in your own home, decide what you like and what you don't like. Keep what you want and send back what you don't want in a pre-paid envelope. If you keep all 5 of your items you will receive a 25% discount.

I love the fact that I can try on all the clothes sent to me at my own house and try them on with different outfits. Whenever I am shopping I am always wishing I wore different clothes to see if the shirt or pant or jewelry I am trying on will go with something in my closet. Also, you can earn credits with referrals. You only pay when you get a fix, there is no monthly fee.


This was my favorite fix I have gotten so far and also the first time I have kept everything in my box! I typically would have only kept 1-2 items but I loved everything and it just made more sense to get everything.

PS. Sorry about the pictures - it was a busy week. But at least there are pictures this time!

Stylist Note

Hi Ashley! I had a lot of fun styling your Fix today. I found some tanks that you have pinned on your Pinterest board. That's exciting, isn't it. They are all perfect with level (( white denim jeans I included for you to try. Cute with sandals, booties or flats and great for summer! The Marlyn Schiff stone teardrop earrings complete the look. Have fun trying everything on. I can't wait to hear back from you. All the best, Suzanne

Ibis Straight Leg Jean {$108.00} [ KEPT ]

These were the most perfect fit pants I have ever tried on. I love the look and feel of them on and capri part made them even better. I don't normally spend $108.00 on a pair of pants, but when you find a perfect pair you have to snag them. I was also needing some straight leg white pants so I got lucky because I didn't even request any.

Arynn Tie-Back Chevron Tank {$48.00} [ KEPT ]

Pinned this. Got this. Loved it. I had seen so many people getting this top in their fix and I knew I had to have it. It is a little sheer but nothing a cami won't fix. 

Aliza Stone Teardrop Earrings {28.00} [ KEPT ]

I wasn't a fan of these, but it made sense to keep them to get the discount. I am sure someone will love them as a gift ;)

Cordelia Chevron Tank {38.00} [ KEPT ]

As soon as I saw this top I knew I was going to want to keep it. I loved the color and it was a racer back tank. 

Priya Abstract Floral Knit Back Tank {48.00} [ KEPT]

Pinned this shirt as well. I love the bright colors and the gray back! The fit was great!

Now start pinning some of your favorite stitch fix items, it really helps!!

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Alanna @ Alanna and Company said...

I love everything you got!! The pants are a bit expensive but look great on you, perfect length.

Sam @ PancakeWarriors said...

Love that colorful shirt!! So gorgeous!

Leah @ Everyday Love said...

I am obsessed with that tank! I love so many of the stitch fix items I see people getting but I always think the items are a bit pricey.

Anonymous said...

I love the shirts they sent you. I am in love with tank tops. I wear them all summer. These outfits definitely compliments you! I can not wait until I sign up for my next stitch fix box! Thanks for sharing

Jessica Speer said...

The outfit looks amazing on you! I have heard about this service. It's a cool idea and nice to see that it actually works out for some people! Love the multicolored top ;)

Pellerini said...

The pants look great on you and I love the different tanks you received - the prints are really nice. Make sure you price check their items (aside from their own brands) because they will price match for you! I'm posting my Stitch Fix reveal on Monday :)

WorkingMomMagic said...

White jeans that fit well are a keeper no matter what the price!! Everything looks great on you! :)

Bethany Magnie said...

I have been wondering what Stitch Fix is! I feel like I could get in big trouble if I signed up lol.

Nadine Lynn said...

What an awesome box!!!! I love all the tops you got and heck yes you better keep a pair of jeans with a great fit!! They are the perfect investment piece. Hope you have a great weekend!

Jasmine said...

Can we just take a moment and look at how cute the sandals you're wearing in those pictures. Where did you get them from???

Anonymous said...

Love your stitchfix! So jealous of all of the great items you got!

Anonymous said...

Love your stitchfix! So jealous of all of the great items you got!

Brittany Deskins said...

I would have kept the pants too! It's much better to pay more $ for something you love than have a bunch of cheap stuff you aren't thrilled about

Marie Huang said...

How neat! I have never heard of this but I definitely need to check it out. I love those pants on you they look killer!

Marie H.
Progression By Design

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Can we talk about how much I love that mirror?! Amazing :-D

Happy Friday!

Chelsea Olivia said...

Such a good fix! And omg, I LOVE that floral top.

Brooke Knipp said...

Good fix! I'm considering canceling mine, as fun as it is to get the box in the mail, I haven't love loved anything, but I end up buying something since I have $20 toward it invested already. I don't know if I'm too picky, or what. It seems like I always like what other people get better than what they send me! :)

Rebekah Clarke said...

Love those tops!! Great fix!

Ashley Lee said...

That last top is gorgeous! Perfect for summer!

Anonymous said...

I love all of your fixes this month!