Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Escort Cards

So I am in the process of planning out some of the details of our wedding. I have now moved onto the Escort Cards, what do I want to do with those? We aren't going to have assigned seating, just assigned table numbers. I have seen tons of ideas that I love I have just not been able to decide on one.

Glitter Ideas

I know I have shared this idea with you before on my Wedding Brainstorming post, but this escort card style is still in the running that I found on Jade's blog. I love the idea of incorporating the gold glitter aspect, I just am not 100% sure where I would put a table to put all the cards on.

I like the idea of someone else making the cards for me. I like that there is the glitter aspect but not an overwhelming amount of glitter. However, I still have the same problem of finding a place to set all these on.


I like this one, but it may be a little too plain for my personality.

I love this sign, I think this would go perfectly in the corner spot coming off the elevator!

I love the elegance of this sign.

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