Thursday, June 11, 2015

Look Back on Past Kenny Experiences

Yesterday I posted about my Go to Country Concert outfit. Today I am taking a look back at some of my favorite Kenny Chesney concerts.

Kenny Chesney has pretty much always been one of my favorite country artists. I don't care how cliche that may sound but I love Kenny and probably always will! I have gone to see him every chance I have!

Raleigh, NC May 2013

Columbia, SC May 2013

This is the same group of people we are going to the concert with on Saturday! This time we won't drink as much! This concert was the weekend before my college graduation so Dad and Steph hooked me up with the grad accessories! It was like a mini graduation party!

Raleigh, NC August 2007

This was for my 16th birthday! Chelsea, one of my bridesmaids went with me! We were babies!

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Jasmine said...

Never been to a country concert. Especially not a kenny chesney. I definitely need to.

Alana Livingston said...

Oh how I love Kenny...
I don't have any photo proof of past concerts because I fail at taking photos. Haha
I love that chevron shirt!!

Crystal said...

I love Kenny Chesney! Have a fantastic time!

KayMil said...

I've never been to a Kenny concert, although I do love him and his music. I've been to Keith Urban quite a few times, though!

Trisha Lozano said...

You know you're from the south when you've been to more than one kenny concert!!! lol

Jccee Barney said...

I listen to some country music but I have never been to a country music concert. It looks like you really enjoy yourself.

Pamela said...

I hate I missed Kenny this year in Charlotte!! I have seen him several times as well - amaaaazing! SO fun!