Friday, June 12, 2015

Military Diet Round 2

Before I went on my cruise I did the Military Diet for 2.75 days. I was pretty happy with my results but now it is time to kick it back into gear. After all the food I ate last week on my cruise I need a detox. So I did the Military Diet again. And after this weekend I will be starting a completely new diet that will last 6 weeks! Check back on Monday to get the details!
On the morning of the 4th day I stepped on the scale and lost 4 pounds! Granted...I know I had put on a few pounds during the cruise so it could have been just me getting back into eating healthy and back to my original weight but I did weigh 1 pound less than I did when I weighed myself on the 4th day of my first time doing the military diet.



Toast, Orange & Water


Chicken, Toast & Water


Chicken, 1/2 banana, small apple, PB (since I didn't have it at breakfast), 1 cup of ice cream & water



Scrambled egg, 1/2 banana and toast


SORRY. I forgot to take a picture! But I ate 1 cup of cottage cheese, toast and a scrambled egg.


2 hot dogs and 1/2 banana

**I did have a snack between lunch and dinner - a bag of plain potato chips.



Cheese toast and 1 apple


Scrambled egg (with ketchup) and toast


1 cup chicken and 1 banana

**I did have a snack between lunch and dinner - 1 nutrigrain bar and then had an apple with peanut butter after my dinner.

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Alana Livingston said...

Woohoo! Good job, girl! I so don't think I could make it past lunch on day 1 haha

Sarah Emily said...

I really want to try this diet! My only issue with going on diets (and i know this is a poor excuse) is that J will usually still be eating "regular" food that I typically cook for him so a lot of food/leftovers get wasted!

Kay R. said...

I love how detailed this post was. You are doing a fabulous job!! Go girl!

manendra seo said...

I think 3 day military diet menu was the best planned diet for quick lose of weight in a span of one week.