Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My Go To Country Concert Outfit

What a busy couple of weeks I have had. Last week I was cruising the Caribbean and Friday I am headed to Georgia for my first country concert of the summer! I am so excited! Timmy, Dad, and my younger sister and I are headed to GA Friday to stay with my grandparents in Athens and then head to Atlanta on Saturday for the Kenny Chesney concert.

Here in Raleigh, at Walnut Creek, our main venue for concerts - there is a typical dress code for country concerts. Boots. And if you aren't wearing them you stand out like an outcast and you will regret it because it is probably going to be muddy, your feet will get all dirty from the dirt roads or your toes will get stepped on by other people wearing boots.

I have a pretty typical outfit for country concerts and it usually consists of a dress and boots, or jean shorts, a tank top and boots. I didn't wear boots one time and regretted it the entire time.

Now, here is the one time I went to a country concert not in my uniform. However, I was in California so it was a little different. But let's just say I missed my boots!

Here are some choices I might pick out for a country concert!

What is your go to country outfit?

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