Monday, October 12, 2015

Hike Prep

So you all know I am going to be hiking with some family in this weekend for Cystic Fibrosis for the 2nd year [read about last years hike here]. 20 miles is a lot and I have to mentally and physically prepare myself for this hike. I am not quite as worried as I was last year but I am still nervous.

I have been "training" if you say for this hike pretty much all summer. Timothy will be doing the hike with me and we have gone on some hikes to prepare..but none like the one we will complete on Saturday. But training is not all you need to do in order to prepare for a need to have the right essentials as well!

Hiking Boots// First you will need some good shoes. They don't have to be hiking boots but those are probably going to be the best for long distances. Last year I even saw someone wearing those toe shoes..I am not sure how he made it 20+ miles. Not only do the shoes need to be comfortable but make sure they are in GOOD CONDITION. 

*STORY TIME: Timothy made the mistake of wearing some of my dads old hiking boots (he didn't want to spend $100 on shoes) and within the first 1/2 mile one of the soles of his shoes came off. He was pretty much walking barefoot..since he was walking somewhat lopsided he decided to take the other sole off to make it even. Our first first aid stop was not for 7 miles...thankfully Timothy had packed an extra pair of shoes in the bag they took to each first aid stop...but he did have to walk soleless for 7 miles.

Hydration Packs// These things are a life savior. They are the backpacks with the water packet with the tube you can suck out of inside. You are going to need a backpack anyways so why not get one that will carry your water as well. I really enjoyed it because when I was so tired I didn't have to fumble around in my backpack looking for my water or hold it while I was walking, the tube just laid down my shoulder and when I was thirsty I would just suck out of the tube.

Snacks// Always pack more snacks than you think you will need! And pack snacks that will give you energy; you will eat a lot!

*STORY TIME: During our hike my go to snack were the Scooby Doo gummies! I had bought a box for Timothy and I to share (I think they came with 6 packets) and split them up in our backpacks and by the end of it I think I had eaten all mine and majority of Timothy's.

Extra Clothes// Always make sure you bring a pair of extra clothes and at least 2 pairs of extra socks! The weather could change on you or you could just sweat that much. Hiking in wet socks or clothes is one of the worst things ever.

TP // Don't forget the toilet paper!! You will have to pee outside in the woods and you want to be prepared. Last year I did not bring TP but luckily my aunt did.

First Aid// Hopefully nothing will happen to you while you are hiking, but always bring the standard first aid kit - bandaids, neosporin, ace bandage, poppable ice packets, advil, sting medicine, etc.

This should cover the basics of what you may need to go hiking...obviously you will need more items but these are the necessities that I found extremely important.

Also, don't forget about the promotion going on! Timothy and I have challenged ourselves to raise $5,000 for CF. Anyone who donates to our cause will receive ad spots equaling up to their donation amount OR will receive a free pair of STUDS from my Chloe + Isabel Boutique!! Please help us raise money for this awful disease!

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Joey @ Hodgespodges said...

Way to go, lady! 20 miles is a TON! Good luck!