Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bachelor Season 20: Week Two

I am going to try something new with this post. I am going to be blogging about the Bachelor and watching it at the same time. So you all get my real reactions about the things that happened during the second episode. I have my chocolate milk on my side table, my pillows propped up and my sweet little bailey next to me. So this post may be long or it may be short...not sure. 

+Lace admitting she got a little too drunk...that isn't her she says. That would totally be me. And she is already talking about getting the ring...you don't even know him! Give it a few weeks girl, please.

+Not going to lie the Homecoming queen thing was pretty cute. The others were pissed having to watch Andy and Ben ride away.

+I love Becca but of course she takes him to a basketball court...probably showing him she could have won if she didn't suck at Geography.

+And he kisses Jennifer! That was adorable! And Lace's face when she came back and told the group....crazy girl.

+OMG Olivia's mouth...she has a huge mouth. She was really hoping to get that date card. But one of my favorite Caila got it! She may have dumped her boyfriend for Ben but there is something about her that makes me like her! Do you think her ex watches the show? #awkward

+"Do you notice me, do you even know I'm here..." Lace really needs to calm it down. She is not getting that rose. I am so glad Jubilee walked up and ruined that.

+Is Lace really complaining. I really should have counted how many times she has said she isn't crazy.

+Ben isn't wasting any time getting to know these girls lips.

+Oh gosh...Ice Cube & Kevin Hart are in the Bachelor Mansion..and they are joining Caila and Ben on their date...an inexpensive date.

+Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben. 

+Most romantic thing Kevin Hart has done.."I cooked fried chicken in a crock pot one time" The most romantic thing Ice Cube has done.."Uh I married one" #tears

+A date at a hot tub store...that is freaking amazing! Too bad Timmy would NEVER in a million years EVER do that.

+Let's talk about Amanda's kids...ADORABLE.

+I was wondering if Caila was going to tell Ben she broke up with her boyfriend she met on a place because she saw him on TV. She dodged that bullet...for now. This first date is honestly the best date ever. 

+Ben smelling the girls. That is awkward. Most girls smelling like roses and then theres that one that smells sour.

+The thermal image had some of them girls getting pretty jealous. That would be so weird if I was one of those girls. 

+Sam who was one of my favorites from last week got the lowest score in the group date and then Olivia got the highest. Wish it had been the other way around; I am not a fan of Olivia and her mouth.

+Ben's reaction to Amanda telling him she had kids could not have gone better. She really shouldn't have been worried because Ben is ahhh---mazzing. 

+I can't believe Olivia got the group date rose...Amanda just told him the biggest thing about her life and she didn't get the rose! WTH

+Woah, Ben is not your man Olivia. Don't forget there are tons of girls left. Olivia you already have a rose...give some of the other girls a chance.

+Ben just needs to tell Lace he thinks she's crazy. 

+Ben giving Lauren B. the picture from their first night. so cute. 

+I love Amanda's dress! And Ben wanting to make hair barrettes for her daughters...holy crap...why is he such a cutie! I am going to make Timmy do arts and crafts with me this weekend...HA. Or better yet I will just try and put a girly hair barrette in his hair...even bigger laugh.

+Ben kept Lace around...what in the world. Didn't see that happening.

+LB left. Good for her. At least she didn't fake any feelings. 

+I hate that Sam is going home! The girl who walked in with a rose on her head..good. Bye.

What did you think of this weeks episode?

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Sarah Emily said...

Ok well first thing is first, I am o b s e s s e d with your blog design!! Yass girl yasss. Now, onto the bachelor, lace is 110% batshit cray. Homegirl has crazy eyes, a crazy voice and is just plain crazy. I also can not stand Olivia. He mouth is like an orangutan. I was so annoyed with Amber and how much she complained. Like she's whining and whining about not spending time with Ben but she didn't put any effort towards talking to him! Gotta fight for keeps girl!

Ashley said...

Thanks girl!! I thought it was time for a change! I don't know how Lace is still here...I mean I thought Ben was going to be like uh yea your crazy. BYE. but nope. I wasn't that impressed with Olivia the first episode and am definitely not now! And Amber...why was she complaining so much you are right gotta fight for keeps!

T Austin said...

I love love love the bachelor. I have a weekly party at my house to watch! So much drama. So much fun!

Jill @ RunEatSnap said...

I only watched Bachelor/ette one season and that was Katelyn's season last year at this time because my roommates got me hooked. But even as I was watching I was like "why am I watching this?" So awkward/cringe worthy/annoying/funny/etc. LOL

Logan Cantrell said...

Olivia!! haha That really cracked me up! Lace is already getting on my nerves. I love this show!

rosemond cates said...

You are hilarious!! I don't watch the Bachelor, but you make me want to, sister!! Lol

Roxy C said...

I have such a love hate relationship with the bachelor. While I do watch, it's not one of my like 20 shows I record and I usually do so when I need a good TV binge. Either way, I love your live play-by-play idea. I swear you could just change the names and apply them to any season. lol