Monday, February 22, 2016

52 Week Blogger Challenge {Week 8: What is in my Grocery Cart?}

WEEK EIGHT: What is in my Grocery Cart?

Timmy and I haven't had to do a lot of grocery shopping lately. We have been on the move since the wedding on November 21. We got married then left 2 days later to go spend Thanksgiving with our family, then immediately left for a week in Mexcio for our honeymoon, we were back in town for about 2 weeks before it was Christmas and then spent about a week in the NC Mountains, then were back for about 2 weeks before we left for our second vacation in Mexico last week. So we have been just running to the grocery store for little trips here and then when we needed something between then, but now we are regularly going to the grocery store.

Grocery store trips are always a pain for me. I absolutely hate going to the grocery store, mostly because whenever I go always end up getting stuff I don't need. And typically I make a list and half the time forget it. But I am working on just getting the necessities that we need and not spending extra money on the food we don't need in our house.

This was what was in my cart the night before it snowed/iced in Raleigh. Clearly I was successful at the grocery store and only walked out with the necessities.

Some of the staples in our house include Cheez It Grooves, sour cream, mashed potatoes, pasta, etc.

What are some of the food staples in your house?

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Organized Chaos said...

I love that you also use a list! I cannot survive going to the grocery store without one!

Ashley Lee said...

I know I will be starting late but I am going to be joining in on this 52 week blog prompt! Cant wait!