Friday, February 19, 2016

All-Inclusive Perks

A few weeks back I shared with you all my latest trip to Mexico. We stay in an all-inclusive resort in Puerta Vallarta and then also stayed at one in Playa del Carmen for our Honeymoon (part one, two & three) and I have come to the conclusion I will never go on a vacation and not stay at an all-inclusive hotel! There are so many benefits to a resort that is all-inclusive!

We didn't have to carry around wallets at all! This was extremely helpful at the pool bars, because you don't want your money to get wet or your wallet or purse to get ruined from the water. I never carried anything with me - usually Timmy carried around his wallet only because he felt lost without it- he never actually used it. All of our tips were included but sometimes we tipped some of our favorite bartenders a little extra but we usually did at the very beginning so we didn't have to carry around money.

We didn't have to worry about how much the drink we just ordered cost or if we could afford the biggest filet on the menu.

After we got back from our vacations we weren't strapped for cash, granted both of our trips were paid by others (honeymoon by my grandmother as a wedding gift and the most recent trip was a company trip), if we had paid for them we would know exactly how much we were going to be spending instead of a usual vacation where you have to estimate and it was paid in advance so we paid for it and then went on our vacation months later.

Both vacations we went on there was always something to do! Whether it was a foam party or just a game of darts we were never bored!

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