Monday, March 31, 2014

The Crazed Caniac

Well Monday morning is here again - and this weekend I spent it with everyone I work with. Friday we all worked a long day and went our separate ways home and usually wouldn't see anyone from work except for Timothy on the weekends but this weekend, Saturday we all loaded up and headed to the Canes game for a fun night filled with laughs, food and beer. 

We all met up in suite 223b - I walked in and there was tons of food, tons of drinks and a whole lot of laughter. This was my first Canes game in about 3 years so I was really excited. Maybe a little too excited because I was the only one actually wearing red, black and white in our group - no one else seemed to think about dressing in Canes colors. We all enjoyed the free alcohol and food there and even ventured out into the main area to do some walking around. Although the Canes lost, our night did not end there. After the game ended we all walked out and got into my dads big RV (we tailgated before the game in it) and went out for the rest of the night - Timothy and I even bought everyone some doughnuts but no one but us ate them. Overall it was a great night with some of the best co-workers.

Here are some of the pictures I took this past weekend

Timothy and I before the game

Marc Jr and I - the only other child of a boss - we gotta stick together!

My wonderful Daddy and amazing boss :)

This was our attempt at a group picture but as you can see you can only see about 6 people and there were about 15 in this picture