Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Heaven's Newest Angel

As most of you all know, I recently lost my mother. She was an absolutely amazing woman - anyone who came in contact would tell you the exact same thing. Over the past few weeks I have been blessed with an enormous amount of love and support from family and friends. We had friends and family visit from California, Florida and Georgia. Knowing I can go to any of these people means a great deal to me. 

If you were able to come to the funeral, you got a sense of how our family reacts to situations like these. We did not want my moms funeral to be an average funeral where everyone cried and it was dark and gloomy. We wanted this to be a time where we could celebrate her life. So we wore bright colors - I even went and bought a new Lilly dress just for mom. 

Over these past weeks I have seen how much my mom meant to so many people. I have received beautiful cards about my mom, countless emails and the most heart warming phone calls - everyone telling me how beautiful, inside and out, my mother was. Hearing all the wonderful words about my mom has been very comforting and has helped me get through the worst time in my life. My mom impacted so many people's lives and I don't think she was aware of how many people she influenced. 

I went back to work on Monday and it has been a struggle - I am constantly thinking about my mom. I go to call her during my lunch break like I did everyday and then stop myself. These little things are going to be the hardest. We talked everyday and if we didn't talk one day it felt weird. But every morning I wake up and say good morning to her and every night I go to bed I say good night to her. 

I love you mom.

Caroline, Mom and I at Thanksgiving this past year in Williamsburg.