Thursday, December 17, 2015

Stephenson Wedding {Honeymoon: Part Two}

Yesterday you all got to see the first day of our spectacular Honeymoon! Today we will go into a little more into the details!

Monday - Day Two

Monday morning we got up early and headed straight to the pool! Since it was the first day we would get to relax by the pool I wasn't sure how crowded the pool got so I wanted to be sure to get a good chair. Once we finally picked our chairs and we got settled in we were starving...but of course it was right at the time where the only food that there was were at the restaurants and we were not dressed for that so we had to wait for about an hour or so until the pool buffet opened. To pass the time we headed to the pool bar!

After we finally got something to eat somehow Timmy convinced me to go check out the beach. I dislike beaches very much but I knew we had to go out there at least once so we had to get it over with. It was gorgeous!

The rest of the day was spend relaxing by the pool, getting sun and making multiple trips to the swim up pool bar! We met some good friends that we hung out with the rest of the trip!

After a long day at the pool we finally went inside around 5 and got ready for dinner and our first excursion of the trip! We went and had a steak dinner at a restaurant on the resort, oh my gosh this steak was so good! So good we went back for a second night our last night of the trip!

After dinner we headed to the bus to pick us up and take us to Coco Bongo! If you have never heard of Coco Bongo it is like a Vegas Show but they say better! It was so much fun! But they picked us up at 9:15PM and weren't coming back for us until 3:40AM- so we ended up taking a cab home around 1AM because there was no way we were going to last that long! But it was such a fun experience!

Tuesday - Day Three

Tuesday morning we woke up and were so hungry and went immediately to the breakfast buffet and then of course hit up the pool! 

We spent all day with the friends we met the day before and the pool ended up having a Foam Party in the afternoon which was so neat!! They filled the pool with soap and everyone was having a blast!

Later that night we went to the dinner again outside by the pool, this time it was American food and it was a lot better. They had a fire show and then a beach party later that night..but we didn't last very long because we were exhausted!

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