Sunday, January 17, 2016

Weekend Recap: Date Nights, Birthdays & Waffle House

Our weekend is over and it is time for bed and back to work for one more week before we leave for Mexico! Well this weekend we had a lot going on. We had a date night planned, we had a birthday party to attend and most importantly I had multiple pamper appointments. 

Friday was a rainy rainy day here in Rals, so our original plan for date night was out. I had planned with 2 of our friends, who are getting married in just a few months, to go ice skating at the rink in downtown. But, it was raining so that was out, and I am really disappointed because I finally had Timmy convinced to go (maybe he just agreed because he knew it was raining and it wouldn't work out) and this was really the last time we could go before it closes at the end of January. Since it was raining we decided to go out to dinner and try the newish Raleigh Beer Garden in downtown. I wasn't really sure what to expect; I am not a big fan of craft beer and rarely find one I actually enjoy to drink. 

Well when we sat down they said they had over 300 beers, locally brewed and internationally. So my mind was eased because their had to be a beer I enjoyed. I told the bartender I liked girly beers..I only drink Woodchuck, Angry Orchard, Reds, Mic Ultra or bud light. He brought me out a Woodchuck Gumption and it was delicious! Molly tried a pretzel beer and it was really good but there was no way you could drink an entire pint, so she tried a beer the waiter recommended. He brought it out and she immediately didn't like the smelled like feet and the taste would be what you thought feet tasted like...NASTY. 

We ended up splitting a pretzel with marinara sauce as an appetizer and Molly, Timmy and I all got pizza and Nick got a burger. The food there was so good! It was the perfect amount and the menu was not too big but just big enough. It will definitely be a place we want to return to during the day or when it is nicer out and we can enjoy the outside patio. I didn't take any photos of the outside, partly because it was night time and it was raining, but the outside is really cool is like a garden.

Saturday morning I got up early and made a starbucks run before my hair appointment. I had not gotten my hair cut since before the wedding, so it needed a fresh new look and cut. This time Caitlin and I decided to go a little darker underneath and I love it! I love having my friend do my hair because she knows me personally and has known me for four years before she started doing my hair so she knows what I like and my personality. 

After my hair appointment it was time for another bit of pampering and of my favorite little treats for myself- nail appointment. I religiously go to my nail salon every 2-2.5 weeks. Having my nails done just make me feel put together no matter how everything else is going on with my appearance. And I am going to Mexico Saturday so they needed to be done before I went. I went with a bright pink for the tropical vacation we will soon be enjoying!

When I got back from pampering myself, I had just enough time to get in an episode of Gilmore Girls then it was time for dinner with my grandparents. We had a nice dinner at Cameron Bar & Grille then it was party time.

One of our best friends birthday was this weekend and I planned a little birthday party at his house and we had so much fun!

It was the typical house party and it was so much fun! We played beer pong, listened to music, took pictures and watched football. 

After we left Warren's we stopped by my dads and he was having some people over at his. We hung out for a little bit and then like we used to do so often in college after a night of drinking we went to Waffle House. I had not had waffle house in so long and it was amazing! 

Sunday we woke up late, cooked some mac n cheese and plopped our butts on the couch. We watched the Panthers game and just relaxed. Some of Raleigh had some snow flurries but all I saw was rain unfortunately. Sunday was the perfect lazy day.

How was your weekend?

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Emilie from BurkeDoes said...

I love that you spent Sunday (today) blogging because that's what I did today too, haha. One of my goals for 2016 is to get ONE MONTH ahead in blog posts, so I'm trying to double time it on the weekends to get there.