Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Stephenson Wedding {Letters from the Bride & Groom}

One of my favorite parts before the actual wedding took place was reading the letter my sweet groom wrote to me minutes before I was about to see him. 

I did a little something different for my letter. About a year before the wedding I started writing him letters of times that I thought we would like to remember down the road. I wrote him after our Stock the Bar party, after little moments I thought would be meaningful to us. I had his best man give it to him after our Rehearsal Dinner. Then on our wedding day, he had another note waiting and a watch with a heart shaped note that said "See You at 3:30". Of course the boys took absolutely no pictures.

But, my reaction from my letter and gift were all caught on camera! His best man came into the bridal suite at the Church just a few minutes before I was supposed to go see my future husband for the first time. 

I always look forward to Timmys handwritten notes, we used to write them to each other all the time. But this one was different, this one made me tear up. But he still had his goofy side to him. (Are you all familiar with Party Down South, well Timmy and I LOVE that show along with all of our friends and at the end he wrote... "Let's Get it Goin" a popular phrase they all say on the show). 

 After I read my sweet letter, I opened my not so surprise gift (I already knew what it was and had seen it). I had told Timmy months before the wedding I wanted a gold monogrammed necklace with my new initials to wear at the reception and he did a wonderful job picking out the size! However, I never ended up putting it on at the reception because it got put into my Dad's car which was about a 10 minute walk away. But I wear it all the time and every time I see it I think of our wedding day.

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