Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Stephenson Wedding {First Look}

Happy  Wedding Wednesday! You may remember this  post - where I told you all why we were having a first look. Well, we had a first look and I wouldn't have changed it for anything. Our first look was absolutely perfect. Even though my mom was not physically at my wedding, she was there in spirit.  We planned out the entire afternoon a week before the wedding, so the plan was to see Timmy at 3:30pm at my moms columbarium. 

Throughout the getting ready period I was fine. I wasn't nervous, I was just excited. We got in the limo and we walked into the church and I was fine. I got dressed, I saw my dad, my family and I was still fine. I read my sweet and loving letter from Timmy and I was fine. Cara, my photographer from F8 Photo Studios, came into the girls room and told me we were about to go see Timmy and that he was already in place. That is when shit hit the fan. I immediately began shaking, freaking out and so nervous. Like where were these nerves earlier in the day, I could have calmed myself down if I had them earlier but not now, not 2 minutes until I was about to see my future husband.

I got myself together, wiped my eyes and grabbed my bouquet and started that long walk - which was really just around the corner but it felt so long. We walked out the door and were on the steps above Timmy, he was in the columbarium standing facing the corner so he couldn't see me. All I could hear was him crying...I hadn't cried at all up until this point, just little tears. But I lost it and had tears rolling down my eyes. I was about to see the man I am going to spend the rest of my life with and we are getting to have our first look with my mom.  

When Cara told him to turn around he turned around so slowly, probably because he was so nervous, and the first thing he said to me was "I love your dress, it is perfect, it is you exactly". He knew I had been stressing over if he was going to like my dress...he isn't a big fancy show offy kind of guy and my dress was a little show offy. 

I remember we were both so nervous we had no idea what to do. We were both crying and it was just a hot mess. I remember seeing him and thinking I was such a lucky gal to be able to call him mine.

Having a first look may not be for everyone, but I am so glad we had one. We were able to have a special moment for us all alone and also were able to have a special moment with my mom, someone who Timmy adored and adored Timmy. I liked the idea of having a first look, but if I were to have gotten married anywhere else I probably wouldn't have had one. The only reason I had one was because I wanted to have this moment with 2 of the most important and influential people in my life. Just because my mom wasn't there in body, I could feel her throughout the entire day and especially during our first look. It was emotional but I love looking back at these photos and remembering my mom and our wedding day!

Did you have a first look or are you planning on having one? 

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next week: Bride & Groom Photos 

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