Monday, May 2, 2016

52 Week Blogger Challenge { Week 18: A Letter To... }

I was really excited to write this post this week. One because it is something that was on my  101 in 1001 list and two because I want to remember what life was like at this age when I turn 30.


Dear 30 year old Ashley,

Today you say goodbye to your 20s and hello to the next decade of your life. I am writing this at age 25, going on 26 in just a few months; I am a newlywed, married a little under 6 months and life is grand. 

I can't predict what your life is like now, but I hope you are still happy and life has been fairly good to you between the 4.5 years this letter was written and your 30th birthday. 

First, I want to give you a little insight and reminder about how life was going at age 25. Timmy and I are enjoying our family of two and plan to expand our family around age 28/29 (so while you are reading this you are hopefully pregnant or have just had baby #1). We are still having a lot of fun with our friends on the weekends and staying up way too late, but we are young so it's OK. 

How do you feel this moment in your life? I am as happy as can be. I have a wonderful husband who I love dearly, a great job working for my dads company, we live in my dads old house with a pool and a huge yard, we can pay the bills but still spend too much on ourselves. 

What are some hopes and dreams you have for the future? One of our main dreams for the future is to build our own house, no telling when that will happen but by age 30 I hope we have a better sense of when it will happen.

While I can't predict what life will be like in the future, I hope you still take time to have a little fun, take time to spend with your husband and family and most of all take time to enjoy life. Life has been pretty good for you the first 25 years, with a few devastating times, but continue to use those life lessons to become a better you and the person you strive to become.

At age 25 you are still a picky eater, try some new foods if you are still a picky eater at age 30; you can't be attending nice events and eating cheese.

At age 25 you are trying to love the body you see reflected in the mirror, I hope you have learned to love your body completely.

At age 25 you still get very annoyed without an itinerary, hopefully you have relaxed a little bit and have learned to go with the flow. Not everything has to be planned out perfectly.

So my wish from my 25 year old self to my 30 year old self is to learn to let go, live a little more fully and appreciate life.


25 year old Ashley

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